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Markets Pull In On This Last Day of Tremendously Big Dicked November; Bitcoin Hits New Record Highs

I bought 4 stocks, reducing my cash to 80%. Markets are nearly down 400, yet the Nasdaq is only down 33 — really nothing. Breadth is more or less poor — everything else is stable. Cryptos are surging again and I know it irritates “TRUE BITCOINFAGS” to see someone like me, a person who has always shit on the “TRUE MEANING” of Bitcoin for what I believe to be nothing more or less than an illicit trade vessel, make so much fucking money on this movement — you’re fucking eyes will bleed if you saw it.

Nevertheless, I remain a most humble blog-servant — providing the people of all colors entertainment whilst they produce gargantuan capital losses inside of their 4 fig Robinhood accounts.

Bitcoin at a new record high only solidifies the idea that this son of a bitch is fixing to go parabolic to the upside. I suppose once the Biden administration SEIZES POWER (!) and cuts the dick off the stock market — the true test for the crypto currency will be upon us. Until then, we have another month and change of pure revelry.

Might I add, we are now barreling towards a pandemic styled Xmas holiday season, whereby people will celebrate the holidays in style on ventilators. While some of you do not wear masks because out of fear Bill Gates will convert you into a transgender robot, I pleasantly ask you to shut the fuck up about it. Asians have been wearing masks since the 1500s and they’ve done just fine.

This whole COVID business truly sucks and you’re trying to figure out the “TRUE MEANING” of it all. But maybe, just maybe, it’s just what it is — a very bad strain of something like the flu that afflicts the weakest amongst us severely and when you couple that with our corporate styled healthcare system designed for maximum profit; well then, you have a situation that can quickly get out of hand and people cannot be treated for lack of space, so wear your fucking muzzle you disgusting reprobates.

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  1. emersonlakepalmer

    If these cloth and paper masks work, why the six feet? If the six feet works, why the masks? If both work, why the lock downs? If the lock downs work, why the vaccine? If the vaccine works, why the “no liability” clause? Asking for a friend.

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  2. irma vep

    Fuckin’ cool blog piece.

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