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Outrageous returns this morning, especially for yours truly. I booked a 16% gain in RIOT, 11% in WKHS and 5-6% gains in several others. Overall, I’m higher by 200bps and we’re just getting started. Big dicked moves in Biden plays, electric cars, windmills, and fucking solar panels — all shooting higher like the estrogen in the men who voted for him. No offense to the nuMale. I have love for all of you, especially if you’re a member of Exodus.

The big story is cryptos, massive upside moves over the weekend. I tried to convince my daughter to buy some ETH — but she flatly told me “Ether is a scam.”

But the scam is now the truth and that narrative is making people rich. Ether touching down on $600, BTC approaching $19k means people are flush with gains and the momentum is back in a very big way. This move wasn’t coupled with videos of morons and their lambos — but a slow and steady crawl leading to a full breakout and affirmation of hypo-bullish trends. I still think ETH should be bought every month for the next two years. I don’t have a price target — because I don’t know how to value an alt-currency.

I’m 20% cash, very bullish heading into national festival.

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  1. purdy

    re Soy boys ..look what their beans have done since August when Biden secured his big lead in reported polls.

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  2. Mr. Cain Thaler

    FCEL for the win. +44% today alone.

    The hydrogen hype is back.

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