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Like a pussy, I cleared out the Quant account at the lows in March. I LOCKED IN a 20% drawdown and allocated the money towards my discretionary account. Without question, I crushed and poleaxed every single investment method known to the universe since then, so I made the right decision. But spiritually, I capitulated and that’s not a very brave thing to do. In my defense, it was unprecedented and I legitimately believed markets would close down for good and the economy would spiral into a depression we could not walk back from.

I was wrong. The Fed circle jerked so fast it got all of the millennial faggots on board and ushered in a new era of retail excellence.

A massive bubble is happening now and I don’t have the notion to believe we are topping yet. I see no warning signs. Therefore, I re-allocated into the Quant with 50% of my assets.

What entails the Quant: the first ever ranking system created by Stocklabs, using growth factors and our Advanced Algorithm, which is new and produces picks for longer term durations. The net result is I own all of the very best stocks.

Trading wise, I am unequivocally back and punching people directly in their weak faces again — breaking jaws like they were stale pretzels.

Today’s trades:

SAVE -6.6%
OUT -2.6%
ZEN +10.3%
GOGO +20%
CRWD +4.1%
OSTK +3%
FOSL +1.8%
CLSK +6.7%

Ultimately we all die. But before that happens, I endeavor to make as much money as humanly possible for reasons I am not entirely sure of just yet.

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  1. heckler

    Lol we do bc we think it gives our lives meaning

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  2. metalleg

    …and provides some level of financial security for the children.

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  3. alty

    SPY was in about a 25% drawdown when you sold (March 16th), IWM 35%.

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  4. purdy

    “I see no warning signs.”

    …some asshole will no doubt come here and say that this itself is a warning sign.

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