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No Cocaine: Markets Up But Fizzling — No Dazzle!

Looks like gold is the outperformer again, which is way under-owned by people…by the way. The commodity has held firm this entire run in stocks and is at recent highs. If it could ever get over $1600, it might be something to act upon.

To be honest, today is a big disappointment. Although I’m up and making some money, I expected a lot more — a cocaine rally for the ages. Instead, I get this… milquetoast.

A few IPOs today, including Casper the online mattress co. Call me olde fashioned, but I like to feel the mattress first before buying. And, how do they manage the expenses for shipping a fucking mattress? Seems like a scam.

Coronavirus blah blah blah. Lots of rain here in Cary. The weather is very mild, nearly 70, not missing the snow shoveling days of the northeast.

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  1. numbersgame

    Ditto on try before you buy.

    The mattress is all foam, so mostly air. They probably ship it by putting in a bag and sucking the air out, and then rolling or folding it. Just a guess. Put a pillow in a plastic bag and see how small you can get it.

    Also, easy money made is TSLA already. Still overvalued, but impossible to predict where the cult flows back in. It’s a short at $840, but betting anything else is unpredictable.

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