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I’ve made it a point to take maximum risk during market meltdowns in order to test my mettle. Grow thicker beards and stronger muscles. I bought BILI, my final addition to a portfolio wrought with hazard.

I don’t give a shit — because we’ll be bottoming soon and all of you bear-holes killed dead.

I still have a few defensive positions, namely NUGT and TMF — but I’m mostly alpha, spread across various industries. I have a mind for this sort of thing — invested since a small child — pre-puberty. While all of you played hop-scotch and ring-o-leavio, Le Fly was partaking in the stock exchange.

This is why I’m better than you.

Cheers to future success and all that comes with it. May the tree of prosperity bear its delicious fruit for the next thousand years.

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  1. numbersgame

    In your trading account, do you ever buy individual stock that exactly have positve Net Income and Cash Flow? Not confidant that high beta will work in a Bear Market, but good luck. I really mean that as well, because I’m 95% long, but may ditch

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  2. Dr. Fly

    OF course

    75% of my money Ian in a Quant account that I designed predicated on GARP principles and FCF

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