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The Giant Circle Jerk Continues

We’re set to rip higher, and no this isn’t some sort of trap. The gains will stick and the people who buy today will be happy tomorrow. The pageantry of the elections is finally over and now people can get back to focusing on what’s really important: stuffing their big fat faces with copious amounts of turkey and turkey gravy, cranned berried sauce, and mounds of mashed potatoes.

The day we began killing the Indians for good fast approaches and the country is tired of selling off, worrying about distant trade wars. People just want to unwind. Know what I mean? Drink White Russians and watch Netflix, kick up their feet, and gain lots of pounds.

I remain in a miserably dour mood and it’s work related; but I’ll push thru for the benefit of mankind and history and continue to provide the people with good stock ideas — companies worth investing in for the purposes of extreme profit.

I’m going to stop writing now and maybe go downstairs for a tall glass of water, perhaps nibble on an inedible piece of hardened and black toast. I’ll reappear when the market opens with my buy orders.

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    GNC ,,,what they gonna do with this 27% short float,,,watch it today

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