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GARP Stocks Down Like Fuck Over the Past Month

Pardon my vulgarity, I’m imbibed with an excess of Apple Jack after cooking pork Normandy for the past two hours. Fun fact, it was a George Washington favorite.

Here are stocks from my GARP screen (Growth at a reasonable price) that are down a lot over the past month. The purpose of this blog is to alert you to a discount in stocks that have great fundamentals. If you’re a bargain shopper, these stocks are for you.

Stock/ 1 mo return

ALGN -35%
GRUB -29%
OZK -28%
ATRO -25%
WTW -25%
SIVB -24%
MC -24%
SIMO -22%
CRS -22%
VLO -22%
NVDA -21%

Back to my apple’d jack.

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  1. heckler

    Fly and Pork: A Fall Fling

    Although if Ol’ George liked it, it might be a thing.


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  2. acehood

    Grub, Nvda best of breed there

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    • ironbird

      Best of breed is a bag holder con. What are you ten fucking years old. Wake up kid this is a mans game. Trannies and faggots need not apply.

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      • slippery floor

        One day I will find you and smack you in the face god willing. And it’s funny how you can talk about bag holder in a stock that has gone up almost 10x in 2 years. In a mans game one holds a stock longer than 2 years … every time you speak I realize you have no idea about what your talking about and your comments benefit no one. Go stick your fingers up your butt

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      • Dr. Fly


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