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Asian Markets Tumble; US Futures SOFT Ahead of Mid-Term Elections

The Hang Seng is down more than 500 points this evening, as Chinese related shares get routed. There isn’t a trade deal on the books and Trump might get himself impeached, should the dems snatch his weave on Tuesday.

Dow futures are -90 and WTI is off by nearly 1%.

This is precisely why I’m 75% cash and supremely positioned to buy dips. You’d have to be an absolute jackass to buy stocks ahead of the mid-term elections. Too much noise. Too much drama.

If you’re following along, tomorrow we will cavort and sashay in Exodus and behave like the distinguished gents we are. Perhaps we’ll drink some claret, or maybe something a little stronger, like a port. Either way, tomorrow I expect to do nothing at all. I bought some smoked salmon this evening and will be eating it tomorrow, alongside some really good toasted bread and a squeeze of lemon and olive oil.

“The Fly” is a man of modest needs, but mammoth desires. You’d be wise not to bet against him for any extended period of time, else end up on the receiving end of a massive clawhammer, magnum class, to the fucking face.


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