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Pot Stocks Blow a Strong Easterly Wind into the Faces of Shorts — Parabolic Move Commences

You mess with the bull — you get the horns. I did warn against this move and find myself in the enviable position of being long a large cache of pot stocks into what can only be described as the short squeeze of 2018. Nothing matches up to this yet and I am glad to be a part of it.

Over on Twitter, Sad Boy Andrew Left made a mistake by showing people how exposed he is to TLRY, which I believe is now adding fuel to the TLRY bonfire. Anyone who’s had a bone to pick with Citron is now placing market orders for TLRY — hoping to drive Left mad.

I don’t like to see anyone get poleaxed to this degree. Then again, if anyone deserves it, it’s probably Citron.

As for me, I’ll likely take a victory lap today and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I hope you played along and was able to execute some smart trades.

See you in Exodus.

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