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Listen to me.

I refused to sell NBEV this morning because it was only up 15%. Now it’s down and I’m left with dick in hand. But my CGC is higher, in addition to many of my other stocks. The thing I’m trying to tell you is that I am now a drug dealer — a King Pin no less. I am trying to sell drugs via soda pop — thru NBEV. I own pot plants with CGC and now I own the physical real estate and lease them out to upstart drug dealers, via IIPR.

What better way to play the burgeoning drug trafficking trade than via a REIT whose sole business is to lease to cannabis growers?

This is a beautiful business and I want in.

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  1. heckler

    You might like my HIPH they make CBD water for human people and they are getting into the CBD for dogs business

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  2. cancel19

    With all these red hot picks I just might end up as a hood billionaire a la Rick Ross.

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