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Wrapping Up a Miserable Week — Looking Forward to Better Times

I can’t tell a lie — my entire weekend was ruined by those fucking Chinese trades gone wrong. To blow off some steam, I went for a real long fucking bicycle ride this afternoon. I waited until the sun was at its peak and I made sure to go without any water. As I cycled and cycled as hard as I could, I only wished the entire trip could be uphill.

I ventured off into the Mercer Meadows park and gandered at the Pole Farm, the birth of modern telecommunications. Then I spit on the ground and cycled some more — thru the trees and into hazardous tall grass and rocks and dead trees — all child’s play for my bicycle. There was hardly anyone there — specifically because the entire park is open to hunters now who run around with their pistols and arrows, in search of game.

On the way back home I went mostly downhill, which meant 3rd gear as fast as I could muster, through the lights and whizzing past the slow people with their dogs. I had a drink of beer to recover and started to cook some food, cod and oven roasted lemon-pepper potatoes.

The beer batter was good — but the temperature of my oil was too low and the fish came out soggy. The potatoes were undercooked and my meal was less than milquetoast.

Now I’m drinking a cafe Americano, trying to get into an optimistic mood before bed, which will be in about 4 hours. I have a lot of reading to do — East of Eden, a western masterpiece of monumental importance.

I can see now this post was a gigantic mistake and a waste of time. I offered little entertainment, zero financial insight, and hardly anything that can help you other than to feel better about yourselves because I’m so miserable.

Futures are lower, but no one believes that’ll stick. I have high hopes for CGC, but nothing else, at least not now.

Cheers to a better tomorrow.

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  1. acehood

    Story sounds too biblical.

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  2. helen

    Doppio conpanna is the drink to be had, especially if you add some nutmeg… And your post definitely was not a waste. It reminded me that I need to re-read East of Eden…

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  3. juice

    If you really wanted to be masochistic on that bike ride, you’d have dialed up Montauk Bill to join you.

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