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This is the Easiest Market Since 2009

I was tempted to say 1999, but that shit was ridiculous. Plus, I think there should be a statute of limitations on talking about tapes and discussing another more than 10 years ago. I recently found myself talking to someone about the market and my time during the dot com era, this was after I wrote my two stories on the subject, and immediately felt embarrassed for talking about something so long ago. This is the reason why I haven’t penned a part 3 — too long ago. If I’m gonna write anything, I want to include the present day — perhaps give you absolute fuckers insight into life as a 42 year old blogger with a serious God complex.

Markets are gently higher in the pre-market and I hate to toot my horn over YI and NIO — but there is nothing you can do to stop them. NIO is the next TSLA — Chinese edition. And YI is some bullshit company that no one has ever heard of — but that shouldn’t stop the stock from barreling higher.

I use the word “barrel” a lot these days and I’ve also purposely dumbed down my prose in order to better communicate with rusticate road slobs. There’s no reason for me to use ‘fancy’ words and make any of you feel illiterate. I could, mind you, if I wanted to — but I won’t.

Strong advice for you home gamers out there wasting away — learn how to cook. And I don’t mean BBQing some burgers or a steak. Learn the processes and get at least 5 good recipes under your belts. This way, if you ever invite people to the house, you can feed them something other than pizza.

I’ll be taking some profits today and I’ll also be making some coffee and maybe even some food.

Back in a bit.

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