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I Cleaned Up My Act and I’m Not a Coal Man Anymore

I just booked a 10.1% profit on CLF, a stock I had purchased on September the 5th, 2018. If you annualize that return you can plainly see why I consider myself to be the greatest trader alive. There isn’t anyone remotely close in this galaxy.

With the proceeds, I intend to clean up my act and buy something environmentally friendly, such as a plastics company or maybe something to do with semis, or software, or nothing at all. They do say abstinence is the best form of birth control. You can’t fuck yourself if you don’t partake in the game, believe me.

The Nasdaq is soft and Jamie Dimon is smarter than Trump. All is good in the world and if you follow my trades closely, and very quietly, you too can be a great trader.

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