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Kicked Out of $SONO — Eagerly Awaiting Frightening Florence

Hurricanes aren’t fun, but the profits you glean from them can be exhilarating. I recall back during the Katrina days and all of the money I made in natural gas. Granted, it wasn’t worth the death, carnage, and destruction, but I bet you some people enjoyed it. Word of advice, leave the areas that will be afflicted by the ‘Cane.

Having now said that, I can pursue a scheme to profit off of Florence. There are a variety of ways to do this, the first being GNRC — power generators. Another one is BGG.

Heck, I can post my Hurricane Basket here, the one I created a decade ago during some ‘Cane — but then that wouldn’t be fair to the good lads inside Exodus — good upstanding paying members. How dare you!

Some other ideas include IMKTA, Carolina based grocery chain.

How about JELD? They make doors, also based in NC.

ECOL — hazardous waste pick up.

COST, LOW, and HD are obvious — but too big.

PGTI — hurricane windows.

I’m very bullish on the efficient market theory, which counts on the collective of people in the market being able to efficiently price securities based off news. Watch for anything trending or moving fast in price — then go check the profile to see if it fits into the storm narrative.

Happy hunting.

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    HD was up nicely yesterday ..

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  2. bennyhill

    FANG LTBH and forget it!

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