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Tech Rocks Up — May the Great Carousel of Winship Continue

There was a brief moment this morning when I endured momentary pause, a temporary ambivalence opposed to risk. I’m past that stage in my life now and consider myself to be a changed man. There were moments when I’d fret for loss and pretend the market was actually up 400 points — because it made me feel good. I’d root and cheer and toss sandwiches into my mouth and swallow them whole.

Nowadays, I toss a few 6 min eggs into my mouth, alongside some bread and ham and a little mayo, and cheer and root for my portfolio to go up. It’s like a non-stop party here at House Fly — the residence booming with the tunes of Bach and the dogs barking, the dishwasher humming along. Ah, what a wonderful existence.

I’m double long into SONO earnings due to a fervor inside of me — one that has always dared death to test my mettle. I am not scared of bankrupted myself and I’m not even scared of death. We can only die once — what’s the big deal?

Having said that, I just took time out of eating the ham and the eggs and the bread to buy some QUOT. Try to stop me.

Off to NYC for a day trip.

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