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You Cannot Keep A Bull Market Down

I’ve been busy cooking s gourmet meal the past two hours and I had a brief opportunity to glance at markets and was delighted to see that it had bounced. I wasn’t particularly worried about its fate, knowing full well that all dips are bought and all upwards movements are piled into. My only reticence is my schedule, which is chaotic with personal issues and of course success. After spates of wanton success, I tend to become a contrarian fucktard — barreling into inverse ETFs and making a fool out of myself.

Nowadays, I simply reserve cash and trade in cannabis plays, hoping for degeneracy to grip investor psyche. It’s all sport, really. The game of winning and being right is the primary mover for me, not the money. I have enough money to sustain my lifestyle for the next 10,000 years. My goal here, and now, is to spread my brand of propaganda and teach people, as best I can, using the experience I’ve attained over two decades of money management — to cajole people into FIRING THEIR FUCKING STOCKBROKERS.

I know you asshats think you’re financial advisors or planners — but you’re just stockbrokers — so fuck off.

Have a good weekend gents and be sure to take an Exodus trial, or if you’re looking for a quick fix — visit our public assistance site FreeStockAlgos.com for our stock grading system.

Next week we’ll be back at it — killing bears for sport.

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  1. clock

    After spates of wanton success, I tend to become a contrarian fucktard

    “contrarian fucktard” ….why do i

    like that?? AHhhahahahahahaha!!!! 🙂

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  2. moosh

    What was with the whole, old woman day trade thingamajiggy?

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