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FUCKED ALERT: Turkish Lira Plunges 5%

It’s over for their civilization. I wonder what they did to deserve this?

The Turkish Lira is down 5% intra-day.

“The Turkish delegation went to Washington, and there seem to be no compromises on offer at the moment, and confidence in the currency remains weak,” said Kit Juckes, the global head of FX strategy at Societe Generale.

The Trump administration earlier this month announced sanctions against Turkey for failing to release Andrew Brunson, an evangelical pastor who has been detained for nearly two years.

Fuck NATO. Oh boy.

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  1. ferd


    For fuck’s sake, the pastor has been detained for years. Why now? …last week Erdogan touched the third rail saying re the Israeli regime:

    “…without doubt, Israel is the most Zionist, fascist, and racist state in the world”

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  2. ironbird

    The retaking of Constantinople is on.

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