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Removing the Fat and the Excess — Cleaving the Old Portfolio Today

I have zero interest in holding stocks that go down after earnings. I made an exception with HUBS — only because I knew Wall Street was wrong — because I know the company. Seeing the stock up nearly 10 since earnings day confirms my winship. It is now my largest position — 15% of my portfolio — edge-lording higher.

But today I had to sell two stocks that are down post earnings: CBLK, QTWO. I have no allegiance to them and zero interest in buying more, so they’re gone.

CBLK was a small gain and QTWO was a 4.5% loss.

Over in dog-food land, I kicked out FRPT, which is spiraling higher today without news. I took a 10.5% gain there. I like the concept, but a gain is a gain is a gain.

Moving on, I am now armed with some cash and motivation to find something really good. I have fantastic YTD returns, and overall great mix of trading stocks, wonderful quant portfolio, and disposition to win — because I’m thinking clearly and without distraction.

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  1. gatorsun

    WB long of it at 84.10 as gartman would say

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  2. Fidel Cash Grow

    Does everyone still feel that $FB is dead and $SNAP is taking over? Full disclosure: long both FML

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