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There’s a lot of confusion out there regarding SAAS stocks. I always explain this to people when I speak to them and highlight how  incredibly efficient the industry is and how the share prices are merely a reflection of their efficiencies. Case in point, look at today’s scorchers: TWLO, RPD, FIVN.

I was lucky enough to have TWLO heading into earnings and just sold it for a 22% win. There will be others.

I am riding NEWR into earnings too and couldn’t care less if the stock traded down after they reported — because that’s a low probability occurrence. Odds are, they will absolutely crush earnings and the stock will head higher.

I’m also fortunate to have this dog food stock, FRPT, into better than expected results. The humanization of dogs continues and people pay up for quality. I’m not selling FRPT, in spite of today’s gains.

I’m gonna buy 4 new stocks today. Stay tuned.

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  1. toplel_sloth

    anyone take a look at $AVLR? popped on the IPO, down from $60 and still hasn’t had an earnings event as a public company and has been really coy about bookings. might be a little YOLO for ya SAAS

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