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Here Are Top Rated New Issues by Exodus

Some of this year’s best trades have been in the new issues, especially those in the right sectors growing rapidly. Most of the time these companies come public at valuations that are unsustainable and often get mowed down by sellers. However, for whatever reason, in 2018, people don’t give a fuck.

Two of my favorite new issues are SONO and SPOT — two of the more popular names. But there are others worth keeping on the radar.

I created a screen, in search of companies that’ve come public over the past 12 month, highly ranked by Exodus.

Tech score (weakest 1-5 Strongest)
FNKO 4.6
ACMR 3.8
HUD 3.8
TRNS 3.8
OMP 3.76
CARG 3.75
EYE 3.75
IIN 3.75
SECO 3.75
SR 3.75
AGS 3.65
ILPT 3.65
CELC 3.55
IEC 3.55
RLF 3.55
RYTM 3.55
AQUA 3.45
ROKU 3.45
BCML 3.35
BE 3.35
NVT 3.35
OPTN 3.35
LEVL 3.30
BAND 3.25

For members and free trialers, here is the link to the screen. I encourage you to tweak it to your preferred specifications.

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    I’m down with OPP

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  2. acehood

    IIN is worth digging into, believe me

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