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Flipped $WTI for $XOG

Brent crude is at $80 and WTI is marching higher on a daily basis, ingratiating the oil men from Texas and N. Dakota with untold fortunes. I, as an enterprising man of extreme industry, find it useful to profit alongside these good men. Just this morning, I sold WTI for a 14% return and flipped the proceeds into XOG — with the intention of extracting as much money as possible from the American consumer.

As investors, we can only hope and pray that by the time the Thanksgiving frost comes to the Northeast, the price of crude, per barrel, will be nothing less than $200. At such prices, why, there will be fanciful returns, and also money to be made.

As presently constituted, I am long TUSK, XOG and RIG. I realize this is a small portfolio of oil and gas stocks — but you have my word — I am working on expanding my holdings.

‘Tis is a beautiful morning with splendor all around us. Get out there and take hold of your fortune and make sure to trample over anyone, with beast-like violence, anyone who dares get in your way.

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