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Bears Get Their Hat Eaten

It was brutal. The bears got blindsided, mainly due to a non-recessionary ADP jobs report.

If you’re a bull, this is where you want to milk the bears.

Seasonality is against them and stocks are significantly discounted.

Basically, we have a two week window to annihilate the bears, before they get their fat faces out of their fucking caves.

However, in early January, I anticipate MVIS will “catapult” higher, on the back of the newest Picop device— effectively banking even more coin for “The Fly.”

All day, chip stocks went gang busters. However, other than INTC, I hate the sector. There is too much competition and the margins are being squeezed.

Some oversold internet stocks, which typically outperform this time of year, did quite well. Keep an eye on SFLY, MNST, OSTK and REDF for a bouncy bounce.

Finally, I’m sticking with my fledging ACF position. After further analysis, I sense a short squeeze is looming. With regards to short squeezes, HANS, NTRI and CORS are pressing the “hot blade of death” on the bears’ necks too.

NOTE: DNA looks oversold here.

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  1. buckeye bob

    Hep me hep me hep me – I’ve been hypotized….. If econ numbers are good – why would the Fed give us 50 next week – this logic eludes me

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  2. Garyjoe

    XFML was a 10% gainer today and Look for it to go back over $7 tomorrow, if ECGX, TMBR, And CINN quits fucking with it for a nickel spread.

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  3. JakeGint

    Jeremy not only needs to be fired, but he needs to be taken out back shot, chopped up and stuffed in a pickle barrel for “consumption by brine” for this latest “linked-ad word” asshattery.

    “Gay” meets “tawdry” in an ugly, sloppy, ass-groping way.

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  4. WildWestie

    NTRI out with their new “Advanced” program. Any traction and we’ll have the MOASS with 18.2M shares sold short.

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  5. alphadawgg

    What’s the deal with the “content link” to http://www.shopping.com? It’s frequently on some of the words in every comment or post.

    Have you sold out to the advertisers?

    “…you’re a prostitute, (Fly)…a petty Southern prostitute.”

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    500,000 shares of BOOM just traded after hours. Does anyone see anything that would be of interest? I don’t see news anywhere.

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  7. alphadawgg

    BOOMER, CFO Santa is selling shares. He needs to finance a fancy new sleigh with VTO rockets to replace the reindeer. Odd, yes?

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    Thanks for nothing, Toolio Iglelias.

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  9. alphadawgg

    “Egg the farmer”

    Coming off a high demand for eggs during the Halloween season, I would think that this Christmas season (excuse me, “Happy Hoilday Season”, for you pagans), would continue the high demand for eggs, viz. egg-nogg, scrambled eggs, Mr. LIMM’s egg drop soup, etc.

    Buy CALM. The short sellers have eggs-agerated the negative.

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  10. Mr. LIMM

    No Joke.

    Mr. LIMM have two thirds of net wolth tied up in speckled blown hen eggs!

    Excerrent investment!


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  11. Mr. LIMM

    Someone want to explain to me how this works?

    I mean, if George Bush is going to turn into Richard Fucking Nixon and “freeze prices” (it worked so well for Tricky Dick, if you remember your history) on shit mortgages, what the hell happens to all the poor fucknicks who bought the mortgage paper that was attached to that pricing schedule?

    There’s certainly no mention of an investor bailout in this article, unless I’m missing something?

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  12. alphadawgg

    Mr. LIMM, your Engrish has vastly improved—in a matter of minutes!

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  13. Employee8

    Sure has …… developing

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  14. Bison Burger

    His Engrish has never been good – Asians don’t type/write/speak that way, not the ones that I know anyway.

    Nixon was a good president though. You don’t have to be Ben Stein to reminisce Nixon .

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  15. cigars3

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  16. JakeGint

    Nixon was an asshat.

    One of many, along with Secretary Paulson and George Bush that needed a refresher in Econ 101.

    Chapter One, Page One:

    There Ain’t No Free Lunch!!

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  17. Mr. LIMM

    Who say I Asian, Bison?

    Racist movalfluckah.

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  18. haileris

    Asians tend to have better grammar than native english speakers… Also, Chinese tend to make their R’s sound like L’s, while Japanese do the opposite. Mr. LIMM is some kind of retarded combination.

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  19. The Fly

    Jeremy wants to milk the internet.

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  20. Mr. LIMM

    Is true, my Glamma is impeccaber.

    She make excerrent Egg dlop soup.


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  21. PleaseKillMe

    Boomer, I think it’s just a fund dumping to another. You know those c*cksuckers talk to each other all the time and know what each one is doing. With the downgrade on 11/30, someone wanted out. BOOM will go down for next couple of days, until their selling has dried off. Then it’s back to breaking new highs next week. BOOM is one of my largest holdings.

    That’s my opinion at the moment.

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  22. cigars3

    The China thang is strange. There a real companies there with real earnings, with certain multiples that would make them a steal here. AOB, SDTH, XFML and others that have one or more of: unbelievable margins, ridiculously low PEGs, huge ROIs, sustained triple digit growth, gobs of cash, etc.

    But they dont seem to get any traction. It really is a lotto. The ones that move either have to be recd by HSU, or in a really, really hot sector (solar is todays china lotto sector du jur).

    At that point no PE is too ridiculous, if the co even has P, and no price is too expensive.

    Anybody else have any brilliant yellow theories?

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  23. JakeGint

    Cigs — you mean if the company even has an “E?”

    Yeah, I like AOB too, huge margins… questions about barriers to entry I guess.

    Still like STV and a real way out pick “SDTH”

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  24. cigars3

    hah. oh yeah..for some reason P stood for profit in my head at that second.

    I tried SDTH too. Got a little profit, but like the others, never caught on.

    wait til HSU picks it!

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  25. Employee8

    Anyone have any luck with SEED or NINE?

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  26. Steve

    Better those rates are frozen and the holders get to at least collect on *something* than be holding a bunch of foreclosure paper.

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