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The Creature from Silicon Valley

G. Edward Griffin wrote a book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island” in the 1960’s. Summary below:

Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magician’s secrets are unveiled. Here is a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, the pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money….. This book is about the most blatant scam of history. It’s all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity. Your world view will definitely change. Putting it quite simply, this may be the most important book on world affairs you will ever read.

The book goes into how a group of powerful bankers came together in a secret meeting to create The Federal Reserve. To this day The Federal Reserve has not been audited and does not answer directly to any branch of the US Government. The Federal Reserve sets monetary policy and controls money supply. Very powerful stuff.

This week more information was disclosed about Facebook’s cryptocurrency and who has collaborated on the project. From the article here is our first look at what companies have been involved:

Each company paid $10M to be on the FB/Libra network to be involved in governance of the currency. Sound familiar?

Notice the theme in those companies? With the exception of Visa/MC most of those companies are Silicon Valley companies. They broker in info, specifically, your info.

Now the group are coming public about the meetings they’ve had and their intention to launch a new currency. A currency these companies will control 100%. Using their coin will submit you to their rules and regulations, possibly including censorship and confiscation. Those at the top can issue the currency per their own desires. The USD has lost 97% of it’s value as a result of Federal Reserve polices where Fed independently sets rules to benefit the unnamed Fed owners. Do you think this time is different?

But let’s not get too far into the weeds. Let’s evaluate this FB project vs Bitcoin at a high level.

LibraCoins is composed of a group of companies that paid for entry. They will control the currency as a group. You can safely assume that means they will act in their own self interest. Entry onto the network is a  minimum $10M entry fee, approval from FB and/or partners. Likely certain parts of the world would be blocked from participating to further the founder’s interests and aligned nation states.

If you think FB has a lot of data about you now, wait till they also know where you spend your money.

Bitcoin is a system of honest money. Bitcoin is hyper competitive. Contrary to LibraCoin, the actors in Bitcoin are competing with each other to process transactions. This brilliant design makes Bitcoin stronger through decentralization. Libra will work towards increasing network power for the benefit of those at the top. Bitcoin is a Red Queen Game guaranteeing evolution such that no one company will reside in the top spot for long, but the protocol is made stronger for them having competed.

Information is money. The companies that comprise LibraCoin are information brokers. Users of LibraCoin are making 3rd party brokers of their info stronger. With Bitcoin, you own your identity and info. You can protect it and/or share it in granular fashion. Bitcoin’s privacy model turns the business model of Silicon Valley upside down.

FB/Libra coin is not new. It’s The Creature from Silicon Valley. A group of Silicon Valley elites are creating a currency that derives it’s value from their already stored bank of your information. This info is increasingly of interest to governments. Example: China’s Social Credit System. Using LibraCoin will usher the world further towards a world where your data is not your own and your behaviors are measured in relation to the desirability of that behavior with corporate and government doctrines.

LibraCoin users will be a cog in FB’s machine. Not only is this Edward Griffin’s “Creature from Jekyll Island” it’s also George Orwell’s “1984”

LibraCoin is the screen. BSV is the hammer.

The exchange of value via money is as old as humans. We are entering a new era for humans. Programmable money. Who holds the strings in this game will set the direction for humanity in the near future. Will it be an objectively honest system of money based on math or a currency issued by the Silicon Valley elite in cooperation with Western Nation states?

The real game Bitcoin has been waiting for has started.

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Rumors and Lies

The latest rumor is that FB is going to use BSV in some capacity with their new cryptocurrency.

This is possible, but not likely. I believe it was fueled by Zuck’s sister Randi commenting on Craig Wright in 2018 and then reignited by former nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen tweeting @ Randi this week.

I’m covering this because it’s not IMPOSSIBLE but it also raises several questions:

-What coin could handle that volume?
-Can a giant like FB reshape crypto?
-When does the rumor mill end?

The only public blockchain approaching capacity to handle FB levels of volume is BSV. For that reason I think people are running with the rumor. It simply doesn’t make sense on any other coin.

If FB launches a coin, based on BSV or not, they will immediately have over 1B potential users. I don’t think this guarantees success. It requires trust in FB. By design, you don’t have to trust Bitcoin. Advantage: Bitcoin.

BSV promises microtransactions for exchanging information. Bitcoin is honest money (known inflation schedule and coins created as rewards for Proof of Work).

Honest money can mean honest info. It won’t stop rumors and lies, but your clicks won’t be tracked across the Internet and your data sold to advertising bidders. Via microtransactions you take back your data and your privacy. This changes the incentives model. The Internet and information landscape won’t be the same.

Bitcoin being honest money is one of the reasons I think BSV will be the winner. It has laid out plans for this and more, much more. I will cover Paymail, the new identity system in BSV, this week.

In the meantime, I leave you with this quote.

Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.
-Abraham Lincoln

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$FB to launch GlobalCoin

Facebook is launching it’s own Cryptocurrency named GlobalCoin in a month and YOU can run your own node on their network for the low fee of $10,000,000. Facebook plans for this coin to be a “stable coin” pegged to USD.

Let’s break this down a bit. At $10M per node who is going to run this software? From Bitcoinist:

Currently, there’s no further information about any of the requirements needed to become a validator node or how these third-parties will be rewarded.

Use of the word validator indicates these are dumb nodes. The nodes aren’t doing any work in the network and the network isn’t competitive. This immediately throws red flags about this as a currency. Bitcoin works because Satoshi solved the problem of issuing honest money. Declaring a centralized corporate coin a cryptocurrency takes liberty with the definition of a crypto and will, sadly, fool 99% of the population.  GlobalCoin will be centralized. Your transactions may not be immutable or censor free.

If it’s $10,000,000 to run a node and the nodes are only validating then I assume that the incentive to run a node is in transaction fees. I don’t think there are altruistic billionaires looking to run $10M FB nodes as a hobby. So far, we may be looking at a network that is mutable, censorable, centralized and under control of Mark Zuckerberg who will be charging you for the privelege of moving his personally issued magic internet money. What could go wrong?

GlobalCoin will be a “stable coin”. Let’s see how stable coins have worked out. Romans began shaving and clipping coins when they wanted to make up for shortfalls in their central planning by restocking their vaults with their citizens wealth. The US mint used to issue coins that contained silver. As years have worn on the precious metal content of our coins have been watered down, yet we still pretend US coins are stable coins. At one point US dollars were redeemable for precious metals to guarantee their value. That link was broken by Nixon in the 70’s.

Now, US dollars are pure fiat. There is no value behind them other than the fact the US Government has said it is so. No one has called our bluff because if the US falls so does most of the world. We will see if that game ends in our lifetimes.

But I digress. More recently Tether and USDC, primarily issued and used by Bitfinex and Coinbase respectively, have entered the crypto space as stable coins. Their entire premise is that you can redeem one unit of Tether or USDC for one USD.

Bitfinex and Coinbase issue Tether and USDC and have stated it’s backed by USD. Do you believe them? Guess what, Tether has never been audited. You know who else has never been audited? The Federal Reserve.

Tether and USDC supposedly exist to facilitate trading. In reality, stable coins exist for these companies to print money and pass the risk to their clients. The solvency of Tether has been hanging over Crypto for several years. It’s crypto’s dirty secret. Tether is a black swan waiting to emerge at any moment.

So Facebook plans to release a stablecoin, charge $10M for nodes to validate transactions and has no guarantee of your money being safe from censorship. Globalcoin will meet the fate of all stable coins. Eventually, the system grows, chaos enters and causes unforeseen circumstances and the stablecoin link is broken. You’re left with a fiat with possibly nothing backing it.

Bitcoin is a ledger. Your coins exist as entries on a ledger. Inflation is already known and in a sublime harmony of mathematical precision with a genius design of incentives. Bitcoin is immutable, uncensorable, honest, programmable money.

Anyone who buys GlobalCoin deserves their fate.

This could all be avoided if these genius level corporate CEOs understood the power of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is honest money. Bitcoin is a system that punishes cheaters. Bitcoin exposes corruption. If FB built Bitcoin into their applications they would be doing much more good than staking their own claim to the cryptoverse. Globalcoin will cause FUD and end terribly for them and possibly many others.

Bitcoin is an IQ test. Zuckerberg failed.

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Time to Pay Attention

There are moments in life where things seem effortless. During this time your performance is extraordinary. You look back and have no words for it. You were “in the flow”.

These are peak moments. Most humans spend their life chasing peak moments.

I am inviting you to be “in the flow” with regards to Crypto. A peak moment is coming. A moment where you will make outrageous returns with minimal effort. You will have no words for what will happen.

For several years there has been infighting within the Crypto community. This has resulted in Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Who’s right? Who’s a fraud? It’s been a mess. But it was necessary.

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. – Mark Twain

The truth is now becoming clear for more people. The lies are being exposed. The momentum from those who discovered truth early and went to work creating this future are now showing results.

Craig Wright is rumored to be on Bloomberg today. This will be his first appearance on a major network in years.

Satoshi had scaling, economics, and the math right all along. Craig is Satoshi and his story is coming out. BSV is Bitcoin and will consume the entire Crypto market. This puts BSV well into 5 digit price territory and possibly 6 figures years from now. I am saying that knowing that BSV is ~$220 today.

Buckminster Fuller has a quote about trim tabs. A trim tab is attached to the rudder of huge ships. To move these huge ships they move the trim tab. This trim tab moves the rudder and the rudder moves the ship.

BSV is the trim tab for you portfolio. You want to move the immovable object? You need to use a trim tab. A small thing that makes a huge difference.

Come get in the flow. All it takes is an action as easy as buying BSV today.

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BSV rallies 300% during Conference

Today is day 1 of the BSV Coingeek Conference in Toronto Canada.

Calvin Ayre, billionaire BSV investor, was on Bloomberg this morning outlining how he believes BSV will consume the entire Crypto Market.

BSV is in rally mode as info from the conference about new features and rumors of long standing questions being answered are made public. After basing at $60 for weeks BSV has rallied to over $190 intraday. $130 has long been resistance. I believe there may be a retrace test there but anything can happen. It’s Bitcoin.

Tomorrow Craig Wright takes the stage at Coingeek. There is a livestream available here for Thursday May 30th at 9AM EST: https://vimeo.com/338857646

Also notable, Craig Wright filed, and was granted, a copyright on the Bitcoin whitepaper. He can now enforce his copyright to include him as the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto anywhere the Bitcoin whitepaper is used. More on this is rumored to be released tomorrow.

If you’re still putting together the pieces of a Bitcoin investment strategy, or you are open to hearing why I’ve been in BSV from the beginning, I recommend watching this series of videos on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/149035662 and this video on Youtube.

Today, a new service called Paymail was released on BSV. The details are still coming in but this looks like a possible fiat onramp inside a bitcoin wallet coupled with an easy to use Venmo like wallet PLUS a form of identity system usable across multiple BSV services. More details to come.

Despite this information, many still deny Craig Wright is the founder of Bitcoin. More directly, there appears to be an industry setup to discredit Craig personally and professionally. Dr Wright has called their bluff and is now pursuing legal action by taking many of the worse offenders to court. Here’s a twitter thread from one of the “Social Media Justice Warriors” who championed the Craig is Not Satoshi twitter campaign.

There is cognitive bias and there is just plain stupid. Requesting that a billionaire you’ve been defaming publicly sue you is stupid. McCormack will now be a footnote in the Satoshi legacy.

Note that BTC is trading above $8,000 while BSV is below $200. As the market learns the truth these numbers will flip.

Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto and BSV is Bitcoin. This is going to be an interesting year.

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Welcome Tim Draper, We’ve Been Expecting You

Viewing the information for the upcoming CoinGeek Toronto Conference I noticed that Tim Draper is listed as a keynote speaker.

Tim Draper heads a VC firm that was an early stage investor in Hotmail, Skype, Tesla and many others. Draper also bought the Silk Road Bitcoins that US Marshalls auctioned off years ago and made huge returns.

In addition to that background Tim has been a Bitcoin bull for years. First, he correctly called the $10k Bitcoin price and date very nearly on the button (video below) and he’s been steadfast in his prediction of Bitcoin at $250k.

Now, let me ask you, the reader; does a man like Tim Draper sign on to be a keynote speaker for BSV while still holding BTC? Maybe. But I’d strongly assert he’s at least balanced his portfolio if not dumped BTC for BSV.

VC’s are smart. They are the opposite of dumb money. They are not part of the herd. VC’s do their homework. Well, homework is done and it looks like the answer Draper is coming up with is: BSV.

I’ve written before that BSV is the opportunity to buy Bitcoin for cheap ahead of the VC’s and the Street. You can doubt my investing credentials but do you doubt Tim Draper?

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The words were there in black and white at the end of this article “Careful What You Wish For“.

“I was Satoshi”.

Dr Craig S Wright has outed himself (a second time) as the person behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto and as the person who invented Bitcoin.

To my surprise this announcement didn’t change anything in regards to Crypto markets. There was the usual backlash from the BTC and BCH loyalists who react to any news about Craig Wright as a scam. Other than that, it was another day in Crypto.

So, let’s dig deeper. Why would Craig Wright claim to be Satoshi in 2019? One answer is that he had no choice. He’s being sued for a 1.1 million Bitcoins (3.5 Billion USD) in this lawsuit filed by Ira Kleiman, the brother of Dave Kleiman. Dave was Craig’s partner in creating Bitcoin. Since the court documents will be public and will show Craig’s involvement in Bitcoin prior to 2009 it’s possible Dr Wright is getting ahead of the game by owning his role as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Now that Dr Wright has made this statement he’s opening up about the history of Bitcoin, his original design and the mistakes made along the way.

What we’re seeing as more information is released is that Bitcoin was in development for 20+ years. The blend of technical, legal and economic knowledge required to produce a decentralized, nearly instant and resilient cryptocurrency is unfathomable. Mastery of any one area would be a lifetime of work. Somehow it seems Dr Wright has mastered them all and keeps on going. Among his achievements are many university degrees and a recent statement that he’s been awarded his 1,000th patent. Incredible if true. I am confident Dr Wright will be in your children’s textbooks next to other geniuses of the past 100 years.

Take a look at his Medium page where Dr Wright has released a new article almost daily for most of 2019. Much of what has been written there is game changing when digested properly. It takes a lot of work just to understand what’s being shared but once you do you begin the journey down the endless rabbithole that is Bitcoin. You are seeing a genius at work.

Say what you will about Dr Wright, much of the criticism about his communication is valid, he possesses an incredible, hardworking intellect. No one knows Bitcoin as well as he does.

Bitcoin SV is the only version of Bitcoin that Craig Wright supports with his numerous patents and where he focuses all of his time and effort. Dr Wright has shared his vision for Bitcoin numerous times. Bitcoin is an immutable ledger. A commodity ledger. An affordable place to store information in perpetuity.

What arises from Bitcoin as a shared global ledger is Metanet. Metanet becomes the new source of truth in the world because the information on Metanet has value. That’s a bold and slightly abstract statement. Let me rephrase this as every device, electronic or not, can be valued, tracked and be part of a global system. This is BIG data on steroids but with more privacy.

This ledger functionality includes moving the entire Internet to Bitcoin. As of today websites exist on Servers in datacenters. In the future that data will reside in Bitcoin transactions. Here’s a simple example:

Metanet is access to integrity in human behavior. When what happens is assigned value than what’s valuable is what’s happens, and everything else fades away.

Bitcoin is information. Information is money.

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Buying Blood

Deflating a bubble is painful, expectations are crushed, portfolios liquidated, communities disbanded. Malinvestment warps any market.

The gold rush caused by BTC appreciation caused a market for shitcoins to emerge that rivals other bubbles in history. There is a predictable cycle to all things and crypto is not immune:

We’ve all heard “Sell when others are greedy and buy when others are fearful”. This is easier said than done! It is difficult to act counter to emotion and market momentum. Yet, acting counter to the trend is where the most money is made…and this is one of those times.

End of 2017 we had “Weak Men Create Hard Times”. The BTC core team and the shitcoin project devs looking for easy money created hard times for the entire market. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt was everywhere. Clowns like McAfee were given platforms to shill their scam projects. Emotions ruled.

2018 has been “Hard Times Create Strong Men”. During this bear market projects have died, money has been lost, hype unraveled. And yet, development has continued in Bitcoin. There’s been a stunning number of advancements from developers like the pseudonymous _unwriter as well as advances in projects like MoneyButton and HandCash (all on Bitcoin SV).

This continued work in a down market has prepped us for the next phase. “Strong Men Create Good Times”. The foundation has been laid. Let’s see how it’s being built on.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast. They discussed Bitcoin and Jack stated he only held Bitcoin. Jack also owns Circle which has BTC listed for purchase. What’s significant about this is Jack stated he’s interested in what coin is resilient. In that Twitter thread Jack is redpilled by numerous tweets about BSV vs BTC.

This is important because there are many Billionaires with pro Bitcoin stances. Jack, Novogratz, Draper etc. The thing is they are all backing BTC, but they are now hearing about BSV. When these billionaires inevitably shift their investments there will be an upheaval in BTC and BSV markets.

One reason I believe this will happen is that the conversation around Bitcoin is maturing (slowly). One example is this video by “Bitcoin and Beyond”. (put aside that they look like homeless basement dwellers and just listen to the audio)

This video lays out a series of events which builds a story around Bitcoin. Looking at the history of events a pattern emerges. It would take a few hours of following the links in the video to get the full picture but since I have already done that I can say that what emerges is a consistent message about Bitcoin over the past several years, all linked back to Craig S Wright. This consistent years long message is becoming more and more manifest in Bitcoin SV.

The plan is coming together.

Bitcoin SV plans to scale capacity aggressively, open the use of Bitcoin SV as a commodity ledger and to lock the protocol so that businesses can build on top of a stable platform that is decentralized, supports instant transactions and is immutable.

Most of the crypto community has not reconciled all of these developments for themselves for numerous reasons, but they are coming around. As they do, they find that these capabilities only work on Bitcoin SV. One example is Kevin Pham, who previously was a hardcore BTC proponent, and is now tweeting positively about BSV. These are the early tremors of a major shift.

Today it’s Kevin Pham. Tomorrow it’s the Bitcoin billionaires and Wall Street discovering the truth about BSV for themselves and buying.

You have the opportunity here to be positioned for greatness. It’s not easy to make bold bullish predictions in down markets but this is a unique opportunity. Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin and it will be the only surviving Cryptocurrency as well as a universal commodity ledger for information worldwide.

BTC will destroyed.

Act accordingly.

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The Power of Money Button

If money is power then control of money is absolute power.

Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.

Nathan Rothschild


The power of the control of money allows major payment processors (and by extension governments that regulate processors) to curb free speech as evidenced by bans of Wikileaks, Gab and the deplatforming of content creators from YouTube, Twitter etc.

On a global basis the US uses economic sanctions to exercise power around the globe which is all enabled by the USD as the world’s reserve currency. The US can limit another nation’s ability to transact on the global banking system. Now that is power.

Any routing of funds through a third party makes a transaction subject to the laws of payment processors, governments or platform providers EUA.

How to solve this issue in our connected world?

Enter MoneyButton.

Money Button is a digital currency payments button for websites and apps. Payments are nearly instant, nearly free, work everywhere in the world, and cannot be reversed or blocked. This is how money should be.



Within a few seconds anyone can generate their own MoneyButton and add it to their website. These are the steps involved.

  1. Download a Bitcoin SV wallet such as Handcash.
  2. Pick a handle and backup your seed very carefully.
  3. Go to Moneybutton.com and enter the information in screenshot below.
  4. Enter the BSV address you generated in Handcash.

That’s it. Using the steps above in a few minutes I produced the code that generates this MoneyButton

(MoneyButton doesn’t display on this site due to restrictions, see here for a functioning money button on right side of page).

If you have a MoneyButton account you can simply drag the button from left to right and I will receive $1 in BSV nearly instantly with near zero fees. This cannot be stopped. This is an incredibly powerful tool built in just a few lines of code.

If you don’t have a MoneyButton account this button may appear gray. You can buy BSV and load your own MoneyButton account to enable MoneyButton anywhere on the Internet.

Now imagine MoneyButton on sites across the Internet. How many times have you been stopped by a paywall for an article you wanted to read but the prospect of handing over a credit card for a subscription wasn’t feasible? Or a site was so loaded with ads you lost patience before the site loaded? Or the site had so many popups you closed it out of frustration?

The content creator lost out. No wonder digital news sites are struggling. Any value they create is locked behind a byzantine and archaic payment system. Do I really need to input my credit card and address to read this editorial? That system doesn’t work.

The New York Times could easily add MoneyButton paywalls that are simple, secure and easy for users. This would turbo charge their revenue model. The valuable content would be rewarded and can be featured. Rewarding value changes the whole landscape of the web. It’s a Win/Win.

Simple, automatic, uncensorable microtransactions of value are the future of the Internet. MoneyButton is the leader in this field.

MoneyButton runs exclusively on top of Bitcoin SV. Due to this fact, you always control your own money.

Your money, your power.

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Crypto Will Die in 2020

There are over 2,100 coins listed on CoinMarketCap.com. This is the result of the greatest hype and speculation cycle in modern times.

I have been pondering how this clusterf*ck resolves itself. Coins, unlike companies, don’t go bankrupt. As long as a group of nerds is mining a coin in their basement that coin can survive. This means that hundreds of shitcoins can survive with minimal support/investment. Zombie coins are a barrier to resetting the hype cycle and narrowing the field to the few (or only) survivor of Crypto.

If coins don’t go bankrupt what will happen? They will be attacked. Bitcoin is a competitive system. Failed coins will be picked off by Bitcoin one by one. Their use case will be made obsolete by Bitcoin. Their users will be assimilated. Their transactions will move to Bitcoin. Bitcoin can do anything a shitcoin can and do it better, more securely and cheaper. Within a few years I expect there to be only a few coins and eventually, only one.

If all other coins aren’t forced into submission then Bitcoin fails. A universe of coins is a fantasy.

This is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is competitive.


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