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The Facebook moment

Facebook is a piece of shit. It has turned the Internet into AOL and will take a long time for everyone scrape the remants of this closed system from the bottom of their shoes, but it will happen.

Facebook is not a new paradigm. In fact, anytime someone says “new paradigm” you can be guaranteed it is indeed, not a new paradigm. Facebook is a part of the Internet where people share their personal information so they can feel superior to the people they know who also share their personal information. It’s classmates.com 2.0.

When Facebook goes public the stock will likely POP as every dumbass Farmville expert will buy shares on the open market in between liking pictures of their friend’s dogs licking their own balls.

Then, once Goldman Sachs has reached the limits of their vampire squid bellies they will detach their lamprey like sucking tentacles and Facebook will deflate like a retired stripper’s breast implants in a 20mph head on collision.

The Facebook moment will be over. And good riddance. Social Media is a new paradigm only if you are selling framed pictures of people’s cats.

I say all of this after receiving several lessons the past week in the power of Facebook marketing. People I know and respect have taught me that Facebook marketing is far superior to Google Adwords et al. Frankly, I was blown away and also….Guess what, I don’t care. Facebook is a closed system run by a boyish CEO who blew $1 Billion on a “neat-o” picture site because you willingly fed his monstrous privacy dissing ecosystem of bullshit. Facebook has profited immensely, but they have never evolved.

The Facebook moment I am waiting for is not when they go public. I am waiting for the moment when the rest of the world wakes up and realizes that Facebook sucks, closes their account and the King of Social Networks  joins the likes of MySpace.

I would “like” that.


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