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The Problem is Choice

The Matrix trilogy explores universal human themes of questioning authority and the hero’s journey to enlightenment. The protagonist starts out unaware he is trapped in a simulation to being fully aware of reality and a master of his own fate.

The Matrix is an updated exploration of Plato’s Cave allegory. Let’s take a brief look at the main themes of The Matrix and Plato’s Cave to see if there are any lessons for us in crypto markets.

Inside Plato’s Cave the prisoners see shadows cast on the wall by the puppeteers (similar to being trapped in The Matrix). The prisoner’s entire reality is based on the shadows. There is no concept of reality outside of the cave.

If the Crypto ecosystem is Plato’s Cave then there is no concept of reality outside of the puppeteers “number go up” narrative. It’s a grand show and the prisoners are quite content to watch it.

How do you identify a BTC maxi puppeteer? Lazer eyes!

Everyone starts out in Crypto as a prisoner in the cave. The puppeteers above are engaged full time in casting shadows that instruct prisoners to HODL and that Layer 2 is the answer to scaling BTC. Here’s an example of a puppeteer promoting buying pizza with MasterCard to support BTC. Does using MasterCard to buy pizza help BTC? Why not just use BTC?

Followed by this gem a few hours ago:

Pomp would like you to buy pizza with MasterCard to support BTC so you will ignore that BTC is no longer suitable to be used as a payment method. Hence the saying, “BitCoin is an IQ test”.

A minority of prisoners see Pomp’s shadows on the wall and then take on questioning what they see. They do independent research. They examine the facts free from the distractions of the shadows. They start to ask, “What is the Matrix?” Then, they slowly climb out of the cave and see the world for what it is. They break free from the Matrix.

The rest buy pizza with MasterCard and think they are making a difference for BTC.

I assert Crypto is currently comprised of 99% prisoners.

In Matrix Reloaded The Architect says:

Denial is the most predictable of all human responses. But, rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it (Zion) and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

Given this BSVUSD shorts chart you can see Bitfinex traders (backed by Tether) have become exceedingly efficient at destroying BSV price.


See the similarity?

Later in that same scene Neo is given the choice of saving humanity or saving his love interest Trinity. The Problem is Choice.

This aligns with the choice in Crypto. 4,000 Shitcoins promising their own version of financial Zion. You can have a different Trinity every night of the week, simply buy the latest pump and dump and you will move through your daily life, bank accounts and IRS taxes like Neo dodging Agent bullets. The Problem is Choice.

All that is required to continue living in the Matrix is to deny reality. Deny that Crypto is all a Ponzi with near zero real world usage. Deny that Tether is a scam, deny that $50 fees on BTC and $400 fees on Ethereum are irrelevant, deny that MasterCard is happy to see Crypto fail and deny that Michael Saylor is clueless.

It’s simple if you can look past the shadows. Bitcoin Scales or it Dies.

In The Matrix Cypher meets with Agent Smith to betray the human race. After 9 years in The Matrix trying to make it he wants to “remember nothing”.


Unfortunately there are a lot more Cyphers than there are Neos in the world.

The goal of the puppeteers isn’t to support peer to peer electronic cash. It’s to destroy the one coin that has the possibility of scaling for the entire world so their bags can go to the moon.

There is a game theory scenario called Prisoner’s Dilemma. In this scenario two prisoners are isolated and questioned regarding their alleged illicit activities. The only way the prisoners avoid jail is to, without prior agreement, tell the same story. Crypto is currently full of prisoners telling each other the same story. They see it’s to their benefit that the Ponzi continue. They don laser eyes on their Twitter profile and hang out in Whalepool chat rooms confirming their biases based on the latest Saylor tweet.

Any global solution must scale. The puppeteers never talk about scaling. Ignore the shadows and do your own homework or forever be a prisoner in a cave.


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