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Who is John, the “Chart Addict”?

Never heard of me? It’s all good, I’m a quiet equity partner here at iBankCoin. For those of you who do know me, it’s such a pleasure to write this post for you. For those who don’t know me, I blogged on iBC for over 2 years as a top technical analyst then I went on to blog at Chart.ly, briefly, then onto Stocktwits as ChartsGoneWild with StocktwitsTV. I have written almost 2,000 posts (combined on all sites) in 4 years, recorded over 100 StocktwitsTV shows, ran my coaching program and chat rooms, written a chapter in the published Stocktwits Edge (Wiley Finance, 2011), and somehow still remain in the Top 50 on Investimonials after 2 years of inactivity. So great, now you know that I’m not some random shitbag off the block! This is my first post on iBC in 4 1/2 years.

What have I been up to for 4 1/2 years? I went back to get even more formal education and I’ve dangerously worked with a friend’s pmc firm as the intelligence/operations officer. I guess my @WeeklyTA twitter got hacked into being a porn site now (sigh). Don’t fret, I’ll be making all new accounts in the future. In the meantime, if you want to contact me personally, my weeklyta@gmail is still active and I’ll be happy to reply directly. Tell me guys, should I start blogging again? I’m pretty positive I helped a lot of folks make a lot of cash, and it makes me feel really good inside. Just reading through my Investimonials reviews brings a joyful smile to my face. I made a difference for you.

With the market the way it is, the days of getting 200-300+% annual returns years ago has been long over. It was fun during the Great Recession and getting all of you guys to bang out +10%, +20%, +30% returns per trade on a regular basis. The truth is, it’s just more time effective for me to ride the “go-long fuck it” ride but still devote time for 1-2 intra-day trades for the quick “pops”. It’s very strange for me to think about a longer time frame, but experienced traders can accept and adapt accordingly when the markets change (this low-vol/low-ranged ebb-and-flow trading started when the Great Recession ended, about the time when I started helping foreign govt’s catch major narco-traffickers). But, that’s another story to tell when my eight different confidentiality agreements expire.

Instead of giving out more educational material when I clearly and honestly have not had the time to follow the markets truly in-depth, pick-by-pick, I’m re-posting my old educational materials for the new readers to digest. For the old timers, feel free to post in the comments and I’ll get back to you like I always do. Tell me how you’ve done during my absence. Tell me if I’ve helped you in some way. I’d love to hear it all. If you’re an actual student or friend, please e-mail me. I’ve gone through three cell phone numbers, so let me update you with that information as well.

A Happy & Safe Holiday Season to all our loyal readers and subscribers. All of us at iBankCoin thank you for keeping the lights on at our global headquarters! Please enjoy these classics:


-John (“the Chart Addict”)

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My Final Post on iBankCoin

To my readers here at iBankCoin.com:

THANK YOU guys so much for supporting me here ever since I started
writing at iBankCoin.com back in 2008. As you may know, I was picked
up from the Peanut Gallery and given a “tab”. I truly enjoyed helping
my readers gain trading knowledge, technical direction, and of course,
execute profitable trades and conduct reviews of them afterwards. I
have written 332 posts during my stay and I hope that the vast
majority of them helped all of you in some way or another. My only
goal was to educate and inspire traders to reach their fullest

I would like to thank The Fly for providing me with the opportunity to
help me get my voice heard. He has been a gracious host and I will
always be grateful to him for the platform he has provided me.

I would also like to extend my best wishes and a bright future to the
other tabbed bloggers here: Ragin’ Cajun, Jake Gint, Woodshedder, Gio,
Danny, and Scott. The talent here is tremendous and you are all assets
to the site. Finally, I extend a personal “thank you” to everyone who
regularly contributes to the comments section on my my blog. You know
who you are, and if you ever need my help, I will always be available
for you.

You will continue to see my tweets and my “Charts Gone Wild” program
and anything/everything else I do. I will utilize the Chart.ly blog
(http://blog.chart.ly/) as a temporary venue until I finalize
everything and announce some new and exciting plans. All of you will
personally be updated by me on further developments.

Presently, I am planning an exciting new venture in the stock
community which will launch in just a few short weeks. Although I
cannot disclose the details at the moment, I assure you all, it will
not disappoint.

Best wishes and a sincere thank you to everyone,

John Lee
“The Chart Addict”

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Doji Plays / Gold Time Correction / Swing Updates / Delayed Day Trading

I expect this horizontal time correction in gold to continue with an upside breakout. I will make secondary entries in GLD, IAG, and GG, as well as other gold names during that time. I will exit the remaining 1/4 swing in WYNN today. So far all swing plays (MGM, LVS, WYNN, IAG , GG, GLD, etc.) have either been booked for a profit or are profitable on paper.

The market is in a channel, but more specifically, in a broadening reverse symmetrical triangle. This type of consolidation typically lasts for a while. At this point, this pattern is neither bullish nor bearish.


I have three finals coming up very soon, so I will not be executing rapid-fire scalps for the next 2 weeks (for the most part). Instead, most day trades will last longer than just a few minutes with more aggressive entries and delayed exits to accommodate my lack of time.

Below are two doji plays. Remember that doji are indecision days. How do you play doji gaps? You either go long or short either 1) upon a gap up above the previous days highs or a gap below the previous days low or 2) upon intra-day breakouts or breakdowns of said highs and lows. Once direction is determined, the prevailing side usually continues the price action in the direction of resolution.


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Gold Update I: Pullback Executed…Now What?

I wrote a post on April 10th regarding my interest in gold. I was waiting for the sector to prove to me that it is good shape to make a full exit out of a multi-month base. The criteria I was looking for was one final consolidation. This criteria has been met in the form of a developing symmetrical triangle that is using the 20-day MA for support. In addition, referencing the GLD, I am using $114 as the neckline for an inverse head-and-shoulders.

The important aspect of this consolidation is the evolution of it. From December 2009 till early February 2010, gold formed a descending triangle. From that point up until this month, gold formed a channel. The entire pattern exhibits both an inverse head-and-shoulders as well as a rounding base. This month is the most important as short-term consolidation was able to maintain the 20-day MA as immediate support. The only concern is that all four MA’s do not have positive slopes, still leaving remnants of a channel’s characteristics.

The moment the GLD breaks through $114, I believe it will be time to accumulate gold for a swing, and perhaps, a positional trade. for a target as close to the December 2009 highs as possible. The only risk is one overlooked pattern, which is the ascending channel. As long as the following criteria are met, I will deploy gold positions:

1) MA slopes are positive on the 20-, 50-, 100-, and 200-day MAs.
2) The GLD breaks above $114.
3) The 20-day is not violated as nearest support.

If this is executed, then gold will have successfully breached the channel and the inverse H-and-S neckline. Keep an eye on this sector and it’s components as we approach May.


Lastly, I have finals soon so don’t expect me to do my usual rapid-fire trading for the next 2 weeks. If I will be trading, then the time frame will be longer than just a few minutes.

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