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Putin Responds To Obama Expulsion Of 35 Russian Diplomats With World’s Biggest Eye-Roll, Offers Hospitality To US Diplomats

brazen-bullLame-cuck President Obama has decided to stuff his legacy into a Brazen Bull in a china shop and light a blazing fire underneath it. Just a week after fucking over Israel, the Obama administration and the FBI cobbled together an embarrassingly empty handed, heavily disclaimered, B-game hacking report. It’s been utterly shredded by experts. Also, John Podesta’s password was p@ssword. Coinciding with it’s release, Barry “Choom Gang” Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and revoked access to their retreat, right before their New Year’s Eve celebration. Oh my god

lameRussian President Vladimir Putin (and quite frankly the rest of the world) is laughing at us. The Russian Embassy is trolling Obama with playground tweets. Social Media is on fire. Putin’s response has been, in a nutshell, “We’ll talk in 3 weeks when adults are in the room – in the meantime, US Diplomats and their families are welcome to the Kremlin for New Year’s Eve.”

realtweetMic Dropsky. The below is an actual tweet from Russia.


Obama’s actions over the last week have been nothing short of a massive temper tantrum and an embarrassment to the country. That hacking report was a complete joke, only to be outdone by any retards it fooled. My guess is that the “USA Today” demographic, as “compliant and unaware” as they are, ate it up. Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi’s constituency, for example.

President-Elect Trump applauded Putin’s mature response:

Nigel Farage, #Brexit avenger also chimed in:

Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Director of Information and Press, said this (Translated):


Aaaand, of course the pundits reacted in kind:


January 20th can’t come fast enough.





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