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Pot Stock GW Pharma Soars Over 10 Pct Following Phase 3 Trials For Epilepsy

Shares of Cambridge, UK based GW Pharmaceuticals ($GWPH) shot higher to the tune of over 10% on Tuesday after the biopharmaceutical marijuana company announced the results of its completed Phase 3 trials for two forms of epilepsy, which will be presented at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) annual meeting taking place in Washington D.C. December 1-5th.

GW’s flagship purified CBD product, Epidiolex, is being developed for the treatment of rare childhood-onset epilepsy disorders.

The company’s cannabidiol (CBD) treatment has shown efficacy in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome, and is expected to gain FDA approval for a 2018 launch. To date, GW has received Orphan Drug Designation from the FDA for treatment of Dravet Syndrome and LGS, and has received Fast Track Designation from the FDA.

Abstracts released today include the following highlights:

  • Responder analyses from pooled Phase 3 data of LGS patients on/off clobazam
  • Data from two expanded access sites in patients on/off clobazam
  • Long-term maintenance treatment effect and safety in the open label extension study and the expanded access program
  • Exposure-response analysis of CBD in Phase 3 LGS studies

In a Tuesday press release, GW’s CEO Justin Glover stated “We continue to see a robust flow of data from the Epidiolex clinical program and look forward to sharing these new data with the epilepsy community at AES. Importantly, data in the abstracts show long-term maintenance of safety and efficacy, as well as that patients on Epidiolex who achieved clinically meaningful responses did so regardless of concomitant clobazam therapy,” said Justin Gover, GW’s Chief Executive Officer. “Having recently completed our New Drug Application submission to the FDA, we are now focused on the goal of gaining approval for Epidiolex in mid-2018 and making this much-needed, first-in-class medicine available to the patients who need it.

Charlotte’s Web

The non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid found in Marijuana, was famously used to treat seizures in Charlotte Figi, a Colorado child who suffered from 30 minute seizures suspected to be Dravet syndrome.

The twins were 3 months old when the Figis’ lives changed forever. Charlotte had just had a bath, and Matt was putting on her diaper.
“She was laying on her back on the floor,” he said, “and her eyes just started flickering.” –CNN
After several more seizures, Charlotte’s doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. Her blood tests and scans were all normal, and the Figis were told “it’s probably going to go away,” adding “It is unusual in that it’s so severe, but it’s probably something she’ll grow out of.”

As the years went on, Charlotte got worse.

When Colorado approved medical marijuana, the Figis family – who had previously been against marijuana use, turned to cannabis after Matt Figis found a video online of a California boy whose seizures were successfully treated with cannabis.

The strain was low in THC (which gets you high), and high in CBD (non-psychoactive component).

By then, Charlotte had lost the ability to walk, talk, and eat, and was having 300 grand mal seizures a week. Charlotte’s heart had stopped several times – only to be resuscitated over and over.

At just five years old, the Figis turned to CBD cannabinoid treatment as a last resort.

“(But) they had exhausted all of her treatment options,” Shackelford said. “There really weren’t any steps they could take beyond what they had done. Everything had been tried — except cannabis.”

The results were stunning…

“When she didn’t have those three, four seizures that first hour, that was the first sign,” Paige recalled. “And I thought well, ‘Let’s go another hour, this has got to be a fluke.’ ”

The seizures stopped for another hour. And for the following seven days.

Paige said she couldn’t believe it. Neither could Matt. But their supply was running out.

Enter the Stanley Brothers

With their expensive supply of CBD oil marijuana running out, one of Colorado’s largest marijuana growers, the Stanley Brothers, stepped up and created a strain of marijuana high in CBD and low in THC, just for Charlotte, and named it Charlotte’s web.

“The biggest misconception about treating a child like little Charlotte is most people think that we’re getting her high, most people think she’s getting stoned,” Josh Stanley said, stressing his plant’s low THC levels. “Charlotte is the most precious little girl in the world to me. I will do anything for her.”

Years later, Charlotte was thriving – only having 2-3 seizures per month, mostly in her sleep. Not only can she walk, but she’s riding a bicycle, feeding herself, and talking.

“I literally see Charlotte’s brain making connections that haven’t been made in years,” Matt said. “My thought now is, why were we the ones that had to go out and find this cure? This natural cure? How come a doctor didn’t know about this? How come they didn’t make me aware of this?”

And now, GW Pharmaceuticals has been given an FDA fast-track for their CBD seizure treatment.

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Report: iPhone X Made With Illegal High School Student Labor

Apple’s ($AAPL) largest supplier in Asia has been illegally employing high school students working overtime to assemble the iPhone X, according to a report in the Financial Times.

The student interns, aged 17 to 19, were yanked out of the Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit School to work 11 hour days for three month shifts at the Foxconn factory – which constitutes illegal overtime under Chinese law. On top of that, the factory work was required “work experience” in order to graduate.

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“We are being forced by our school to work here,” said Ms Yang, an 18-year-old student training to be a train attendant who declined to use her first name for fear of punishment. “The work has nothing to do with our studies.” She said she assembled up to 1,200 iPhone X cameras a day.

When contacted by the Financial Times, Apple and Foxconn admitted that they knew about the cases of illegal student overtime and were taking remedial action.

A Foxconn representative said “all work was voluntary and compensated appropriately, [but] the interns did work overtime in violation of our policy” prohibiting student interns working more than 40 hours a week.


The launch of the iPhone X was riddled with production problems which resulted in a two month delay in its release, and which caused Foxconn’s quarterly profit to drop 39% as factories remained empty until the issues were worked out.

To make up for it, Foxconn required a surge of seasonal workers. The Financial Times reports:

According to a long-time Foxconn employee, the Zhengzhou factory hires students every year during the busy season between August and December. Such hiring can swell numbers at the plant from a base of 100,000 to more than 300,000 workers producing up to 20,000 iPhones a day, the employee said.

But this year, the need for seasonal workers was greater, the employee added.

“The purchasing practices of Apple and others are designed to cut costs, and do things ‘just in time’,” said Jenny Chan, assistant professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. “This leads to the use of student labourers who can be flexibly hired.”

Foxconn said its internship programme was “carried out in co-operation with local governments and a number of vocational schools in China”.

So, there you have it Apple fans – some underpaid, overworked high school kid was required to make your iPhone X so they could earn their vocational degree. Of course, once they graduate I imagine they go straight back to the Foxconn factory to work even longer hours as an adult.

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Journalist Sara Carter Destroys DOJ Attempt To Discredit FBI Informant And Stonewall Uranium One Investigation

A52DBB technician with barrel of Uranium yellow cake refined from Uranium ore

Several weeks ago a bombshell report by John Solomon and Alison Spann of The Hill revealed that an undercover FBI informant embedded deep within the Russian nuclear industry had uncovered evidence as early as the fall of 2009 of a massive plot by Russia to corner the American Uranium market. Evidence of the scheme was in the hands of the FBI an entire year before the Obama administration approved the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s state-owned Energy giant, Rosatom – which has since been exporting ‘yellowcake’ uranium to Canada, Europe and elsewhere via a Kentuky trucking firm.

Based on what the FBI knew – including evidence which purportedly includes a video of Russians preparing briefcases of bribe money – the deal never should have gone through. Moreover, both Robert Mueller and current deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were directly involved – and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other Justice Department officials appear to be covering for them.

Mueller’s FBI knew

Key among the troubling revelations from The Hill is the undercover informant’s claim that Obama’s FBI, headed at the time by director Robert Mueller, knew that “Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow” – a deal which would eventually grant the Kremlin control over 20 percent of America’s uranium supply, as detailed by author Peter Schweitzer’s book Clinton Cash and the New York Times in 2015.

The FBI mole also gathered extensive evidence that Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm, Transport Logistics International (TLI) in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – engaging in a scheme of bribes and kickbacks involving the company which would have transported the U.S. uranium sold to Russia in the ’20 percent’ deal.

The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions,” a person who worked on the case told The Hill, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian officials. –The Hill

In short, the FBI had ample evidence of the Russian plot before the Obama administration approved the Uranium One deal.

Iron-Clad Gag Order Lifted

The FBI informant – outed five days ago as energy consultant William Campbell -was “threatened” by Obama admin AG Loretta Lynch to keep quiet, according to his attorney – former Reagan Justice Dept. official and former Chief Counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee Victoria Toensing. After Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-VA) demanded Campbell be allowed to testify in front of Congress, the gag order was lifted.

Sessions And The DOJ are running Interference

In a move which can only be interpreted as an effort to protect the FBI, the Obama administration and the Clintons, AG Jeff Sessions and several Justice Dept. officials have been casting doubt on the value of Campbell’s evidence, along with the need for a Special Counsel to investigate.

Via John Solomon of The Hill

“both Attorney General Jeff Sessions in testimony last week and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a letter to the Senate last month tried to suggest there was no connection between Uranium One and the nuclear bribery case. Their argument was that the criminal charges weren’t filed until 2014, while the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval of the Uranium One sale occurred in October 2010.”

THIS IS A LIE – which has rubbed several Congressional republicans the wrong way:

“Attorney General Sessions seemed to say that the bribery, racketeering and money laundering offenses involving Tenex’s Vadim Mikerin occurred after the approval of the Uranium One deal by the Obama administration. But we know that the FBI’s confidential informant was actively compiling incriminating evidence as far back as 2009,” Rep. Ron DeSantis, (R-Fla.) told The Hill.

“It is hard to fathom how such a transaction could have been approved without the existence of the underlying corruption being disclosed. I hope AG Sessions gets briefed about the CI and gives the Uranium One case the scrutiny it deserves,” added DeSantis, whose House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittees is one of the investigating panels.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a similar rebuke last week to Rosenstein, saying the deputy attorney general’s first response to the committee “largely missed the point” of the congressional investigations.

“The essential question is whether the Obama Justice Department provided notice of the criminal activity of certain officials before the CFIUS approval of the Uranium One deal and other government decisions that enabled the Russians to trade nuclear materials in the U.S,” Grassley scolded.

MeanwhileJohn Solomon and journalist Sara Carter have copies of the FBI informant’s evidence, and Carter just annihilated the DOJ in an explosive report laying out the players, the timeline, and the evidence at hand.

By the time the sale of Uranium One was approved by the Obama Administration, the FBI’s investigators had already gathered substantial evidence and the bureau was also aware of Russia’s intentions to enter the U.S. energy market and its desire to purchase a stake in American uranium,” Carter writes.


  • FBI mole William Campbell was a highly valued FBI asset – paid $51,000 by FBI officials at a celebration dinner in Chrystal City, VA, where Campbell’s attorney says they thanked him for his service.
  • Campbell was required by the Russians, under threat, to launder large sums of money – which allowed the FBI to uncover a massive Russian “Nuclear money laundering apparatus”
  • Campbell collected over 5,000 documents and briefs over a six year period
  • Campbell uncovered a Russian plot to penetrate the Obama administration and gain approval for the Uranium One sale, including a 2010 email which describes “Russia’s intent on expanding its Uranium expansion in the United States.” 

“The attached article is of interest as I believe it highlights the ongoing resolve in Russia to gradually and systematically acquire and control global energy resources,” said Fisk, who titled the subject line of the email ‘Russian uranium.’  The article attached to Fisk’s email, was a Reuters report in June, 2010, titled ‘Despite price falls, ARMZ confident of Uranium One shareholder approval. –Sara Carter

This is not just about bribery and kickbacks but about a U.S. company that was transporting yellow-cake for the Russians with our approval,” an unnamed U.S. Intelligence official told Carter, adding “This should raise serious questions. At the time everyone was concerned about Russia’s ties to Iran, we still are. And of course, Russia’s intentions and reach into the U.S. energy market.”

And after all of that, Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn’t think there’s “enough basis” to appoint a second Special Counsel to investigate the Uranium One deal.

Moreover, Carter reports that “several Justice Department officials, who formerly commended Campbell, have spoken on background to other news agencies disparaging Campbell and his work at that time” – despite the FBI’s glowing review and $51,000 check.

Carter writes:

In a story by Michael Isikoff, published on Yahoo, a DOJ official involved in the case stated that Campbell was a “disaster” as a potential witness and that “there was no question that Campbell’s credibility was such that the prosecutors had to restructure the case,” the source said.“He got cut out of the case entirely.” It is important to note that Campbell was going through 35 intense radiation treatments after being diagnosed with cancer during his time with the FBI, according to hospital records.

After years of effective reporting and working in harms way, the cancer diagnosis and treatment had a profound effect on Campbell’s ability to interact with in the final stages prior to the indictments,  said Toensing.

She said her client is ready to present Congress with all he knows and called the stories a “smear job.”

This is what the left do-provide false talking points to compromised reporters who are willing to regurgitate whatever they are fed,” said Toensing.

Keep in mind – all it took for Rod Rosenstein to establish Mueller’s Special Counsel on Russian influence was a dubious Russian hacking report by a discredited DNC-linked security firm and a hearsay memo from former FBI director James Comey, stating that President Trump asked him to go easy on former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

If the DOJ continues to stonewall the Uranium One investigation and Campbell’s testimony is given the runaround, one has to wonder if any of the 5,000 documents – or even the Russian bribe video – will mysteriously appear in the public domain for the world to see.


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Roy Moore Refutes Sexual Assault Claim With Statements By Former Restaurant Employees, Customers

Over the last several weeks, accusations of sexual improprieties by Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have led to calls for the judge to exit the race to fill the vacant seat left by Attorney Jeff Sessions. Others, meanwhile, have rushed to Moore’s defense – calling into question everything from the original Washington Post article, to accuser Beverly Young Nelson’s claim that Moore showered her in unwanted attention when she was 15, and sexually assaulted her when she was 16.

A now infamous yearbook entry, from December 1977, which Nelson claims is Moore’s has also come under scrutiny, with many pointing out that Moore’s last name, title, date, and location appear to have been added later – constituting a forgery if true.

Nelson’s attorney Gloria Allred refused to confirm the authenticity of the yearbook, and she won’t hand it over to handwriting experts unless a US Senate Committee agrees to conduct a hearing first. Considering that the Alabama special election is just over three weeks away.

Meanwhile Nelson’s stepson, Darrel Nelson, claims that his stepmother’s accusations are “one hundred percent a lie,” stating “I know for a fact that there is a lot that that woman does not tell the truth on,” Nelson claimed in an in-person interview with Breitbart News.  “Do I think that Beverly is trustworthy? No, I really don’t. Could I see her making it up? …The odds are in that favor.”

And now the latest – the Moore campaign has released a lengthy statement poking holes in Nelson’s claims 

Everything from Nelson’s age when she began working at the Olde Hickory House, to the restaurant’s hours, to the physical layout of the location Nelson says Moore assaulted her have been called into question – aided by the testimony of former Old Hickory House employee Rhonda Ledbetter, a waitress at Olde Hickory House for almost three years from 1977-1979, along with another former employee.

In addition, two former waitresses and two former customers say they never say Moore come into the restaurant, despite Nelson’s claim that he was there “almost every night.”

  • According to Ledbetter, Olde Hickory House required employees to be 16 years old. Nelson claims she was 15 when she started.
  • According to two former employees, the dumpsters were on the side of the building. Nelson claimed that they were in the back.
  • Olde Hickory House sat right off of the four-lane highway and had a wrap-around porch with lights all around it. Nelson claimed that the surroundings were “dark and isolated.”
  • Rhonda Ledbetter, who worked at Olde Hickory House for almost 3 years, states that the earliest it closed was at 11 p.m. but she believes it was open until midnight. She is certain it did not close at 10:00 because Goodyear was next door, and employees came to eat when their shift ended at 10 p.m. Nelson claims her story occurred after the restaurant closed at 10 p.m.
  • It is unlikely that there was an entrance from the back of the parking lot, which Nelson claimed existed. Multiple sources have claimed that everyone parked on the sides of the building because there wasn’t much room behind the restaurant, according to Rhonda not enough room to turn around. Renee Schivera stated that a neighborhood backed up to the parking lot and it was adjacent to the backyards of people’s houses, so she did not see how there would have been a back entrance as it would have gone through someone’s yard.
  • Nelson claimed that Judge Roy Moore came in almost every night and sat at the counter, but former employees state that customers at the counter were served by the bartender or short order cook – not served by the waitresses and had no reason to interact with the wait staff. Additionally, two former waitresses and two former patrons state they never saw Judge Moore come into the restaurant. 

Read the full statement below: 

GADSDEN, Ala. – On Monday evening, the Moore Campaign unveiled statements from key witnesses that completely bust the story of Beverly Nelson and Gloria Allred and further reveal an unconscionable bias on the part of state and national press to hide the truth from Alabama voters who will undoubtedly see through the “fake news” and elect Judge Moore for the man that they have always known him to be.

  • According to a former waitress, Olde Hickory House required employees to be 16 years old. Nelson claims she was 15 when she started.
  • According to two former employees, the dumpsters were on the side of the building. Nelson claimed that they were in the back.
  • Olde Hickory House sat right off of the four-lane highway and had a wrap-around porch with lights all around it. Nelson claimed that the surroundings were “dark and isolated.”
  • Rhonda Ledbetter, who worked at Olde Hickory House for almost 3 years, states that the earliest it closed was at 11 p.m. but she believes it was open until midnight. She is certain it did not close at 10:00 because Goodyear was next door, and employees came to eat when their shift ended at 10 p.m. Nelson claims her story occurred after the restaurant closed at 10 p.m.
  • It is unlikely that there was an entrance from the back of the parking lot, which Nelson claimed existed. Multiple sources have claimed that everyone parked on the sides of the building because there wasn’t much room behind the restaurant, according to Rhonda not enough room to turn around. Renee Schivera stated that a neighborhood backed up to the parking lot and it was adjacent to the backyards of people’s houses, so she did not see how there would have been a back entrance as it would have gone through someone’s yard.
  • Nelson claimed that Judge Roy Moore came in almost every night and sat at the counter, but former employees state that customers at the counter were served by the bartender or short order cook – not served by the waitresses and had no reason to interact with the wait staff. Additionally, two former waitresses and two former patrons state they never saw Judge Moore come into the restaurant.
  • These witnesses have shared their testimony with multiple news outlets. The outlets have failed to report.

Rhonda Ledbetter, a retired public school teacher who is currently the senior choir director at a Baptist church and teaches children at a local, church-sponsored day care center, was a waitress at Olde Hickory House for almost three years from 1977-1979. She was a college student at Jacksonville State University at the time and worked varying shifts at different times of day, multiple days a week during the time of her employment. She said in a statement: “When I heard Beverly Nelson’s story, there were several details that were different from what I remember. I was nervous at coming forward because of all the attention this story has gotten, but as a moral and ethical person I had to speak up about what I know to be true. I was a waitress at Olde Hickory for almost three years from 1977-1979, and I never saw Roy Moore come in to the restaurant. Not one time. And I would have noticed because most of our customers weren’t wearing suits, especially not at night. Many customers worked at Goodyear next door and would stop in on their way to and from work, and I don’t remember anyone from the courthouse coming in at all. That just wasn’t our crowd.

“A few things stuck out to me. First, Nelson said she was 15 years old when she started working there but you had to be 16. I don’t remember her from my time there, and I don’t remember any 15 year olds working there at all.

“Second, Nelson said the restaurant closed at 10 p.m. but I know the earliest it closed was 11, though I believe it was midnight. I’m certain of that because Goodyear employees came in to eat after their shift ended at 10:00 p.m., so there’s no way we would have closed at that time.

“Third, the area wasn’t dark and isolated as she described. Rather, the building was right off the busy four-lane highway and people and cars were always around. The restaurant had a wrap-around porch, like the ones at Cracker Barrel restaurants, and there were lights all around the sides of the building. So it wasn’t dark and anyone in the parking lot was visible from the road.

“Fourth, the dumpsters were to the side of the building, not around back and there sure wasn’t room to park in between the building and the dumpsters. People from the kitchen would take trash out of the side door and throw it right into the dumpsters. We were always told to park on the side of the building, because there just wasn’t much room behind it. I don’t remember there being an exit from the back of the parking lot, there would barely have been enough room to turn a car around.

“I came forward because from what I’ve seen, the media is only interested in reporting one side of this story. In fact, Dixon Hayes from WRBC in Birmingham asked for former employees to contact him but never responded when I told him I never saw Roy Moore come into Olde Hickory House during the three years I worked for. Two other news outlets in the state asked to interview me and I agreed, but neither one has aired my interview and I have to wonder why they don’t think the people of Alabama deserve to hear anything that counteracts the accusations against Judge Moore. It’s not for me to say whether or not something happened, I can only tell the truth about factual details that I know for sure. I think all Alabamians deserve to have all of the facts so they can decide for themselves what the truth is. Despite what the national media and people in DC might say, Alabama voters are intelligent and have common sense. We don’t need anyone to tell us how to vote or to explain to us what really happened. We will make that decision and I just wanted to do my part in sharing the truth on some of these important facts. I, like all Alabama voters, want any and all information that can shed light on the truth.”

Johnny Belyeu, Sr. is a former police officer with over two decades of experience with the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department and the Gadsden Police Department. He said in a statement, “I was an officer with the Etowah County Sheriff’s Department in the 1970s which means I worked in the courthouse and knew who Roy Moore was since he was the Deputy District Attorney at the time. I was a regular customer at Olde Hickory House, and I never once saw Judge Moore come in there. If he had I would have immediately recognized him. I also never met Beverly Nelson during any of the many times I frequented the restaurant, and I can’t say that she even worked there.”

Renee Schivera of Huntsville, Alabama stated, “I was a waitress at the Olde Hickory House during the summer of 1977, before my senior year of high school. When I heard Beverly Nelson’s story the first thing that stuck out to me was that I don’t remember Roy Moore ever coming into the restaurant. I also don’t remember her working there. The other thing that struck me as odd is that from my best recollection, the dumpsters were to the side of the building. I just know they were visible from the road, and not back behind the building. But the main thing is that if someone came in almost every night we knew who there were, and I never saw Roy Moore there. As a Christian woman, I wouldn’t lie for anyone and I am only sharing what I know because it’s the truth.”

“The days of unbiased reporting are over,” Moore Campaign strategist, Brett Doster said. “The liberal media will dodge any source and refuse to air any interview that doesn’t square with their effort to land a liberal Democrat in the senate seat. The Moore Campaign is committed to presenting factual truth to the people of Alabama and looks forward to victory on December 12.”

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WHY CHARLIE? PBS Host Charlie Rose Fingered By 8 Women For Sexual Harassment

After news early Monday that NYT’s Glenn Thrush was suspended pending an investigation he sexually harassed four women, pundit Charlie Rose says “hold my beer.”

The PBS and CBS host has been suspended from both networks after eight women came forward to accuse the 75 year old of making lewd phone calls, groping their breasts and buttocks, and rocking out with his cock out.


Washington Post reports:

Most of the women said Rose alternated between fury and flattery in his interactions with them. Five described Rose putting his hand on their legs, sometimes their upper thigh, in what they perceived as a test to gauge their reactions. Two said that while they were working for Rose at his residences or were traveling with him on business, he emerged from the shower and walked naked in front of them. One said he groped her buttocks at a staff party.

Reah Bravo was an intern and then associate producer for Rose’s PBS show beginning in 2007. In interviews, she described unwanted sexual advances while working for Rose at his private waterfront estate in Bellport, N.Y., and while traveling with him in cars, in a hotel suite and on a private plane.

Rose apologizes

Let me break it down:

  • I’ve been in journalism 45 years
  • I’m an advocate for women
  • Sorry for all that shit I did, I’m “greatly embarrassed.”
  • Not all of the allegations are accurate – I thought the chicks were into unsolicited sexytime
  • I’ve learned from all of this and have come to a profound new respect for women and their lives.

So – is Charlie Rose yet another degenerate – or are we entering a period where a man can’t walk around with his cock out in front of women he’d like to bone?

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Anti-Trump NYT Reporter Glenn Thrush Suspended Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Another day, another enemy of Donald Trump is hoisted by their own petard.

A top White House reporter for the New York Times and vocal critic of President Trump, Glenn Thrush, has been suspended from duty amid claims of sexual misconduct.

Several young women have accused the married journalist, 50, of unwanted sexual harassment according to Vox journalist Laura McGann – who Thrush says harassed her five years ago when he was working for Politico. McGann writes:

Three young women I interviewed, including the young woman who met Thrush in June, described to me a range of similar experiences, from unwanted groping and kissing to wet kisses out of nowhere to hazy sexual encounters that played out under the influence of alcohol. Each woman described feeling differently about these experiences: scared, violated, ashamed, weirded out. I was — and am — angry.

When Thrush was confronted via text message the day after he allegedly harassed one woman, he was “apologetic but defensive,” stating “I got drunk because I got some shitty health news. And I am acutely aware of the hurdles that young women face in this business and have spent the better part of 20 years advocating for women journalists.”

Vox’s McGann then recounts her own experience with Thrush:

On that night five years ago, I joined Thrush and a handful of other reporters for a few rounds at the Continental, a Politico hangout in Rosslyn, Virginia. At first, nothing seemed strange, until the crowd had dwindled down to Thrush, me, and one other female colleague.

Thrush tossed a $20 bill at her and told her to take a cab and leave us, “the grown-ups,” alone. He slid into my side of the booth, blocking me in. I was wearing a skirt, and he put his hand on my thigh. He started kissing me. I pulled myself together and got out of there, shoving him on my way out.Laura McGann

What makes this particularly ironic is that Thrush has repeatedly held himself out as an “advocate for women journalists,” one victim stated.

“That’s how he presented himself to me. He tried to make himself seem like an ally and a mentor. Kind of ironic now.”

Book deal and future with MSNBC

Thrush’s chronicles of the Trump administration have resulted in a book deal with NYT writing partner Maggie Haberman. No word from publisher Random House on the status of said deal, however political journalist Mark Halperin lost his own book deal following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Thrush ironically said of Halperin at the time “Young people who come into a newsroom deserve to be taught our trade, given our support and enlisted in our calling — not betrayed by little men who believe they are bigger than the mission.”

Thrush also signed a deal earlier in the year to become a contributor to MSNBC after his coverage of the Trump White House became so notable that he was featured in several “Saturday Night Live” sketches. A spokesperson for MSNBC said Monday that the network will wait for the outcome of the Times’ investigation into Thrush before making a decision on his contract, and that he “currently has no scheduled appearances” on the network.

Thrush is a hack

Thrush was thrust into the 2016 Wikileaks election controversy when it emerged that he had sent Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta part of an article he was writing for Politico.

Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u,” Thrush wrote to Podesta, adding “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this Tell me if I f****d up anything.”

Thrush’s defense was that he was simply fact checking a portion of a story pertaining to Podesta – however one wonders why he would be doing so “because I have become a hack.”

Thrush apology

Via CNN: 

In an email to CNN, Thrush said of the allegations against him:

“I apologize to any woman who felt uncomfortable in my presence, and for any situation where I behaved inappropriately. Any behavior that makes a woman feel disrespected or uncomfortable is unacceptable.

“My recollection of my interactions with Laura differs greatly from hers — the encounter was consensual, brief, and ended by me. She was an editor above me at the time and I did not disparage her to colleagues at POLITICO as she claims. The assertion that I would rate women based on their appearance is also false.

“I have never offered mentorship or reporting advice to anyone, man or woman, with an expectation of anything in return. To assert otherwise is false.

“The June incident related in the story was a life-changing event. The woman involved was upset by my actions and for that I am deeply sorry.

Over the past several years, I have responded to a succession of personal and health crises by drinking heavily. During that period, I have done things that I am ashamed of, actions that have brought great hurt to my family and friends.

“I have not taken a drink since June 15, 2017, have resumed counseling and will soon begin out-patient treatment for alcoholism. I am working hard to repair the damage I have done.”

There you have it – Thrush is going with “I was drunk because of a health crisis, sorry”

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SAD! NFL Stadiums Virtually Empty During Week 11 Of Kneeling Backlash

NFL stadium-crickets are getting a workout during week 11 of a massive boycott by fans turned off by players refusing to kneel during the National Anthem.

The kneeling started 18 months ago when now-unemployed former 49’ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s refused to stand during the anthem – stating “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color.”

“To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street, and people getting paid leave, and getting away with murder.”

After President Trump commented in September that NFL players should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem, it sparked a nation-wide kneeling phenomenon across the league.

Aaaaand now stadiums are virtually empty… 

Pissed off patriotic fans across the nation have responded to the kneeling controversy by simply not giving the NFL money.

“Wow. I have never seen this many empty seats here before. John Mara must be thrilled. #GiantsPride,” tweeted Giants fan Kevin McCleerey. 

Minutes before kickoff, the New York Giants’ official Twitter account tweeted footage of a very empty stadium. 

In Cleveland, it was the same story

Indeed, the entire NFL seems to have that empty feeling


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China Is Testing Weapons That Can Reach The US In 14 Minutes

Originally published by ZeroHedge

A secretive hypersonic wind tunnel, nicknamed ‘Hyper Dragon’, is helping the experts ‘reveal many facts that Americans have not found out’, one Chinese researcher said in a propaganda documentary…

South China Morning Post’s Stephen Chen reports that China is building the world’s fastest wind tunnel to simulate hypersonic flight at speeds of up to 12 kilometres per second.

A hypersonic vehicle flying at this speed from China could reach the west coast of the United States in less than 14 minutes.

Zhao Wei, a senior scientist working on the project, said researchers aimed to have the facility up and running by around 2020 to meet the pressing demand of China’s hypersonic weapon development programme.

 “It will boost the engineering application of hypersonic technology, mostly in military sectors, by duplicating the environment of extreme hypersonic flights, so problems can be discovered and solved on the ground,” said Zhao, a deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

The ground tests will significantly reduce the risk of failure when test flights of hypersonic aircraft start.

The world’s most powerful wind tunnel at present is America’s LENX-X facility in Buffalo, New York state, which operates at speeds of up to 10 kilometres per second – 30 times the speed of sound.

Hypersonic aircraft are defined as vehicles that travel at speeds of Mach 5, five times the speed of sound, or above.

The US military tested HTV-2, a Mach 20 unmanned aircraft in 2011 but the hypersonic flight lasted only a few minutes before the vehicle crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

In March, China conducted seven successful test flights of its hypersonic glider WU-14, also known as the DF-ZF, at speeds of between Mach 5 and Mach 10.

Other countries including Russia, India and Australia have also tested some early prototypes of the aircraft, which could be used to deliver missiles including nuclear weapons.

“China and the US have started a hypersonic race,” said Wu Dafang, professor at the school of aeronautic science and engineering at Beihang University in Beijing who received a national technology award for the invention of a new heat shield used on hypersonic vehicles in 2013.

Wu has worked on the development of hypersonic cruise missiles, a near space vehicle, high-speed drones and other possible weapons for the People’s Liberation Army.

He said there were a number of hypersonic wind tunnels in mainland China which had helped ensure the high success rate of its hypersonic weapon tests.

The new wind tunnel will be “one of the most powerful and advanced ground test facilities for hypersonic vehicles in the world”, said Wu, who was not involved in the project.

 “This is definitely good news for us. I look forward to its completion,” he added.

In the new tunnel there will be a test chamber with room for relatively large aircraft models with a wing span of almost three metres.

To generate an airflow at extremely high speeds, the researchers will detonate several tubes containing a mixture of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen gases to create a series of explosions that can discharge one gigawatt of power within a split second, according to Zhao.

This is more than half of the total power generation capacity of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant in Guangdong.

The shock waves, channelled into the test chamber through a metallic tunnel, will envelope the prototype vehicle and increase the temperature over its body to 8,000 Kelvins, or 7,727 degrees Celsius, Zhao said.

That is nearly 50 per cent hotter than the surface of the Sun.

The hypersonic vehicle therefore must be covered by special materials with extremely efficient cooling systems inside the airframe to dissipate the heat, otherwise it could easily veer off the course or disintegrate during a long-distance flight.

The new tunnel would also be used to test the scramjet, a new type of jet engine designed specifically for hypersonic flights. Traditional jet engines are not capable of handling air flows at such speeds.

Zhao said the construction of the new facility would be led by the same team that built JF12, a hypervelocity denotation-driven shock tunnel in Beijing capable of duplicating flight conditions at speeds ranging from Mach 5 to Mach 9 at altitudes between 20 and 50 kilometres.

Jiang Zonglin, lead developer of the JF12, won the annual Ground Test Award issued by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics last year for advancing “state-of-the-art large-scale hypersonic test facilities”.

Jiang’s JF12 design “uses no moving parts and generates a longer test-duration and a higher energy flow than more traditionally designed tunnels”, according to the American institute.

According to state media reports, the JF12 tunnel has been operating at full capacity with a new test every two days since its completion in 2012 as the pace of hypersonic weapon development increased significantly in recent years.

In an article published in the domestic journal National Science Review last month, Jiang said the impact of hypersonic flights on society could be “revolutionary”.

“With practical hypersonic aeroplanes, a two-hour flight to anywhere in the world will be possible” while the cost of space travel could be cut by 99 per cent with reusable spacecraft technology, Jiang wrote.

 “Hypersonic flight is, and in the foreseeable future will be, the driver of national security, and civilian transportation and space access,” he added.

The escape velocity, or the minimum speed needed to leave the Earth, is 11 kilometres per second.

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FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases Of Bribe Money In Clinton-Uranium Scandal

An undercover FBI informant in the Russian nuclear industry who was made to sign an “illegal NDA” by former AG Loretta Lynch, claims to have video evidence showing Russian agents with briefcases full of bribe money related to the controversial Uranium One deal – according to The Hill investigative journalist John Solomon and Circa‘s Sara Carter.

The informant, whose identity was revealed by Reuters as energy industry consultant William D. Campbell – and is very ill battling cancer –  is testifying before congress next week after the NDA which carried the threat of prison time was lifted.

As previously reported, Campbell was deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry where he gathered extensive evidence of a racketeering scheme involving bribes and kickbacks.

The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions,” a person who worked on the case told The Hill, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian officials. –The Hill

Campbell’s attorney, former Regan Justice Department official Victoria Toensing, previously told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs “He can tell what all the Russians were talking about during the time that all these bribery payments were made.

Sara Carter and John Solomon sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss:

Sarah Carter: He’s very sick and he’s been battling cancer and going chemo. He is in a battle for not only his life, but in a battle against what he perceives as people within the US government that don’t want this story to come out.

But there’s so much information that he is willing to share with the public to set the record straight, and believe me we’re gonna get it out there. He is going to have his say. His voice will be heard.

Hannity: He knew about the bribery, kickbacks, extortion of Putin’s agents in the US?

Sara Carter: Yes, and he will be able to lay that all out for everyone, and he will do that for Congress. John and I have been working on this for months and months and months. He came to the [Obama] DOJ with this information. 

John Solomon: He is going to be an extraordinary fact witness because he gathered so much information. There are videotapes where the Russians are opening up briefcases full of cash. These are the people we then gave uranium to, that we then gave nuclear fuel contracts to. 

Hannity: This is happening before they sign off on Uranium One? They knew about bribery extortion kickbacks money laundering before? They knew this was Putin and they did it anyway!

John Solomon: Yes. The Russians really thought they had played America on this one. 


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Report: Mueller Subpoenaed Trump Campaign For Russia Docs Last Month

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team issued a subpoena to President Trump’s campaign in mid-October for communications related to Russia, according to a Thursday report in the Wall St. Journal.

The probe seeks documents and emails containing keywords related to Russia from over a dozen top campaign officials, according to an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

While the subpoena does not require testimony before Mueller’s grand jury, the Trump campaign was said to have been surprised by the order – as they had been voluntarily turning over documents to Mueller’s team in September in “total cooperation” with the probe.

The subpoena will mark the first instance of Trump’s campaign being formally ordered by Mueller’s team to turn over information related to the investigation, notwithstanding . Mueller had previously subpoenaed former – and very short lived – Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and several of his associates, seeking banking and other financial records.

In late October, shortly after the Trump campaign had been subpoenaed, Manafort was indicted on multiple counts – including money laundering related to his work for a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine. Manafort was and Tony Podesta of the Podesta Group allegedly were using a shell entity in the name of the political party to peddle Russian influence throughout Washington D.C., according to a former Podesta Group executive.

Why subpoena the Trump team if they’ve been cooperative?

Perhaps Mueller’s team thought members of the Trump campaign were withholding information. They obviously weren’t satisfied with what they had been provided prior to the subpoena.

Is Mueller’s investigation grasping at straws, or do they know the Trump team is withholding specific information? Only time will tell.

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