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Illegal Immigrant Arrested After 51 Lbs Of Heroin Worth $10,000,000 Discovered By Mississippi Police

Two women were arrested on drug trafficking charges in Mississippi after a routine traffic stop uncovered 51 pounds of heroin with a street value of approximately $10 million.


Mexican national Arlene Viridiana Moya, 23, of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and her passenger Trisha Lynne Ibarra, 23, of Laredo Texas were placed under arrest and booked into Rankin County jail for aggravated trafficking of heroin.

During the stop, the deputy suspected that the pair was transporting drugs. A consensual search revealed the heroin hidden inside of Moya’s SUV.


Ibarra’s three-month-old child was in the vehicle at the time, and was ordered to be taken into custody by Child Protective Services after by Rankin County Court Judge Tom Broome.

The arrests come two weeks after an illegal immigrant from Mexico was apprehended in Cullman county, Alabama for selling several pounds of methamphetaines to undercover agents with the Cullman Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Jimenez-Alcarez, 32, was arrested after a two-month investigation and charged with trafficking in methamphetamine – marking the second time Jimenez-Alcarez has been arrested in the United States, only to re-enter the country illegally (unhindered by a wall).


Agents seized 3.5 pounds of meth with a street value of $200,000, approximately $35,000 in cash, two semi-automatic firearms, a shotgun, and a 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Jimenez-Alcarez is currently being held in the Cullman, Alabama Detention Center with no bond on the order of the Department of Homeland Security, according to Cullmantoday.com


Cullman County sherriff Matt Gentry said in a statement:

“We are a very proactive sheriff’s office, and we are always trying to prevent these drug dealers from coming into our community to sell their drugs. I’m grateful that we intercepted this large amount of drugs before it was able to make it into our county. I also believe we are continuing to send the message if you come to Cullman County to sell your drugs you will be arrested and you will be held accountable for your crime.

I would also like to thank CNET and the DEA for the great job they did in this case.”

Perhaps Congressional Democrats will agree to fund Trump’s wall and Jimenez-Alcarez’s third time trying to enter the United States after his next deportation won’t be a charm.


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  1. sarcrilege

    War on drugs, just like prohibition, is wrong, expensive and counterproductive. Just end it.
    Oh, sorry, my bad… that would cut into CIA and the rest of the 3 letter federal alphabet agencies’ income. Never mind.

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  2. traderconfessions

    First Mexico has to ban shovels and ladders.. as well as payoffs to border officials.

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  3. ferd

    Agree with both above posts. Wall is stupid. And task law enforcement with preventing and arresting crimes against only OTHERS’ person and property.

    Our programming aside ZPN …ask yourself, who’s the bigger criminal, some guy shooting shit into his own body, or state actors who cuff, strip search, and cage him?

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  4. ironbird

    They are Mexicans. Doing what Mexicans do. Wake up.

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