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Call-of-Duty Player “Swats” Teammate After $1.50 Loss, Cops Show Up To Wrong Address And Kill Innocent Man

A Wichita, KS man is dead after two competitive Call of Duty (CoD) players lost a $1.50 wager December 28, resulting in one of the players attempting to “swat” his teammate – the act of lodging a false report with 911 in the hopes a police SWAT team will show up to deal with the situation.

Tyler Raj Barris / Andrew “Andy” Finch

The two CoD players lost the $1.50 wager in a competitive match, resulting in the players arguing and threatening to “swat” each other. One of the players, “Baperizer,” sent an incorrect address to a known swatter – Tyler Raj Barris, 25 (“swatusitc”)- who showed no remorse for his actions both on Twitter and during an interview on YouTube.

The FBI has confirmed that Andrew “Andy” Finch, 28, was shot dead by Wichita police after Barris called 911 to report that he had murdered his father, was holding his mother and siblings hostage, and that he had poured gasoline throughout the house. When police arrived prepared for a hostage situation, 28-year-old Andrew Finch was shot by an officer as he opened the door, later dying at a local hospital according to Wichita Deputy Chief Troy Livingston.

Police body camera video here:

Barris, who showed no remorse over Twitter, was arrested Friday afternoon by Los Angeles police on a felony charge which has not been disclosed, and booked into LA County jail at 11:25 p.m. Friday evening.

In the 911 call, Barris – impersonating a Wichita man, can be heard telling the dispatcher that he had shot his father in the head:

Barris: “They [his parents] were arguing and I shot him in the head and he’s not breathing anymore.”

911 Operator: So what’s going on right now? Are you there?

Barris: Yes

911 Operator: Do you have any weapons on you?

Barris: Yeah I do. A handgun. I’m just pointing the gun at them making sure they stay in the closet. My Mom and my little brother. Are you guys sending someone over here because I’m definitely not putting it away. I already poured gasoline all over the house I might just set it on fire. 

Listen here:

An unapologetic Barris went on YouTuber Keemstar’s online show to discuss the swatting

When you want to say “your” fault, if anyone is going to take blame, let’s just say I’m not gonna take blame myself. I didn’t just seek to swat some person just to do it. I was minding my own business, I was given an address. It was really three parties involved. 

Towards the end of the interview, Barris says:

I don’t think that I should not do jail time, but I don’t think I should do life or get charged with murder, that’s all. I’m not saying that I’m saying I shouldn’t do any time at all though, because admittedly yeah I was involved. So if I get caught and charged, then so be it, and I’ll do whatever time they give me. I’ll serve whatever sentence because it is what it is.”

Watch here:

The victim’s mother, Lisa Finch, recounts the shooting:

My granddaughter saw the shooting and had to see her uncle lay there dying. She’s only 17, but she’s had a lot of trauma in her life, and I don’t know if she’ll survive this. 

But the cops can’t just go around shooting people without any consequences. They cannot do that.

If there was a hostage situation, like my sister said, she was tackled coming over here. Why couldn’t they tackle my son? Why did they shoot my son? 

The FBI, which assisted in the investigation, said that they would continue to work with police as required, and that Barris had “served time after being charged by state authorities in Los Angeles for making threats,” in reference to a 2015 arrest for making a bomb threat to ABC Studios on Glendale.

On October 9, 2015, at 4:29 p.m., the Glendale Police Department received another call from a male caller reporting bombs had been placed at the ABC Studios. ABC Studios management and security department made the decision not to evacuate the building. A search of the building was conducted by the Glendale Police Department K-9 unit and ABC security. No explosives or suspicious devices were located.

Glendale Police Department detectives conducted an extensive investigation and identified the male caller as 22 year old Tyler Raj Barriss of Chatsworth, California. –Glendale City News

After initially delaying the release of Finch’s body, the Sedgwick County Coroner released Finch to a local funeral home at around 3:30 on Wednesday. In a letter to Wichita police and the mayor, Lisa Finch had begged for her son’s body to be immediately returned so they could give him “a proper funeral service and burial.”

“What cannot go without saying is why Wichita City leadership is compounding our grief and sorrow, by keeping my son from us?” she wrote. “Please let me see my son’s lifeless body. I want to hold him and say goodbye.”

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