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“It’s Time For Bob Mueller To Put Up Or Shut Up” Says House Committee Member Matt Gaetz In Explosive Interivew (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

House Judiciary Committee Republican Matt Gaetz (FL) gave an explosive interview to Fox News’ Happening Now last week, stating that “the senior levels of the FBI have been infected with an intractable bias that seemed to favor Hillary Clinton and work against President Donald Trump, and called for open, sworn testimony under oath so the American people can see the truth about what’s going on.”

Gaetz pointed to a text message between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page referring to a meeting in “Andy’s” office (ostensibly Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe), stating “the current Deputy Director of the FBI is a key witness to a potential scheme to deprive President Trump of his ascension to the office he was elected to serve in.

On the topic of Robert Mueller’s highly biased special counsel, Gaetz pointed out that over half of the members of Mueller’s team contributed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or both, adding that “Mueller’s #2, Andrew Weissman, attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party.”

You can’t imagine how disturbing that is. We’ve got thousands of qualified Federal prosecutors, and Bob Mueller had to pick someone as his #2 who was at the Clinton election night party? -Rep. Gaetz

It’s time for Bob Mueller to put up or shut up,” said Gaetz, adding “If there’s evidence of collusion, let’s see it. If not, let’s move on as a country and let’s institute reforms at the FBI so that an ego-maniac FBI director like James Comey cannot depart from the normal standard procedures that guarantee all Americans equal treatment under the law.”

Gaetz also said that Chairman Bob Goodlatte has made a commitment to members of the committee that subpoenas will be going out for Peter Strzok, for his mistress Mrs. Page, for Bruce and Nellie Ohr, and also for Andrew McCabe, musing “so I think we’re going to have a very busy schedule.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also took heat from Gaetz, who said “we need the Attorney General to step up and do his job,” adding “we need to move on and get past this, but that will only happen if Attorney General Sessions stops being a spectator and actually steps up and leads the Department of Justice, and shuts down this biased investigation.”

Watch below:

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    It goes to show what a weak and timid leader Trump is if he relies on low-rated committees to expose this deep state marxist filth. I said it many times. A regime change requires a cleanse – fire all Hussein Obummer loyalists and shatter FBI/CIA/NSA into thousand pieces. It’s still not too late.

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