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PornHub Slides Into SoHo With First Retail Store, Hopes To Spank Competition On Black Friday

Amid flacid website traffic, PornHub – in partnership with the Museum of Sex, has erected a physical “pop-up” shop in the Manhattan, NY shopping district of SoHo. The store will sell limited edition PornHub clothing, gear, and premium sex toys.

The New York space is designed to simulate the look and feel of the PornHub homepage, with a giant bed inside that customers will be encouraged to sit on while their antics are broadcast to the web.

PornHub VP Corey Price told Retail Dive:

As an online brand, we’ve been limited to interacting with our fans on the site and through social media. As we continue to increase brand awareness, and expand into new verticals, like retail, we are looking for new ways to interact with our fans.

We thought it would be great to open up a store where fans can come check out the recent streetwear pieces we’ve collaborated on and some of our product lines. And what’s a better time to open up a new store than Black Friday? Now people can get gifts for friends, family and loved for the holidays!

Look at that – gifts for friends, family and loved ones! Because when you’re done jerking off to PornHub videos, who doesn’t think of family? Not only that, you can meet your favorite porn stars while you’re shopping for that blackmaster 5000 you know Grandma’s going to love.

According to High Snobiety,

During the opening, you’ll be invited to interact with a camera that submits a live feed straight to Pornhub.com. Across the entirety of the opening weekend, a limited release of reissued garments from Pornhub’s recently sold-out capsule collection with streetwear brand Richardson will again be available for purchase, as well as other branded Pornhub garments.

The store’s launch is in partnership with the Museum of Sex, making various products from the Museum’s gift shop, including Taschen books, specialty aphrodisiac apothecary herbs and sex games. For lucky attendees, some of Pornhub’s most popular porn stars will also be making appearances, including Dani Daniels and Asa Akira during opening weekend. The SoHo store will be open for one month beginning on Black Friday (November 24).

Not everybody’s happy

Irene Richard, 68, from the Upper West Side told the NY Daily News that she was “perturbed” to see smut in SoHo, and that the PornHub shop “evoked memories for her of sleazy Times Square before new zoning laws put sex shops out of business in the mid-’90s.”

I’m not so happy,” Richard said. But she also said the popup storefront appeared to be a far cry from the shady days of Times Square.

“I don’t think it’s going to be people turning tricks in there. This is like extremely clean and corporate-looking,” she said. “Times Square was completely funky.”

Andy’s happy

The NY Daily News goes on to report that “Andy Romer, 28, who lives around the corner from the Pornhub shop, said he couldn’t wait for the doors to open. “I kinda dig it. I’ll definitely come by. Weirder things have happened in SoHo,” he said. He wasn’t at all disturbed at the idea of sex paraphernalia on display on a ground-floor commercial store.”

“You can buy sex toys around the corner,” he said. “I think they’ve done it up very classy.” –Andy Romer

Website woes

Hopefully the store can stimulate PornHub’s bottom line, as their website’s popularity appears to be going limp at an alarming rate:

Picture via ZeroHedge

Fear not, Europeans – while SoHo’s store may be filling up with Black Friday shoppers, PornHub plans to thrust into Milan as well this holiday season, much to the excitement of ham-fisted Italians.

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  1. sarcrilege

    Porn weakens the sacred relationship b/w man and woman. Porn also subverts Christian culture. Nevertheless, adults should know better. Needless to say pedophilia is a branch of porn and kikes, (sorry, the g-d’s chosen tribe) dominate that particular branch of porn. Bunch of sickos:

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  2. joyous__ending

    I don’t get the location. People walking SoHo are sophisticated shoppers who view themselves as way too cool to be seen in such a place. They should of gone for Times Square which can still be a bit of carnival for the tawdry tourist.

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  3. daniel lee

    What are the prices? I heard PH store is a complete fail, but the goods are rather innocent and funny. May be high prices are the reason, who knows. I never liked Pornhub as a porn provider, there are too much low quality content + latest scandal with user’s data leak doesn’t favor it’s reputation. The only adult website I spend time at is http://www.asiansexed.com/channel/bisexual-asians .

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  4. deenalee

    Congratulations to PornHub users! I never was a fan of this source, prefer cams from https://m.firecams.com/category/transsexual , but it is impossible to deny that PH marketing campaigns are very impressing.

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