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Elon Musk: Second Tunnel-Digging Machine From ‘Boring Company’ Almost Ready

Elon Musk said his second tunnel-digging machine from his Boring Company is “almost ready,” and will be named “Line-Storm” after the Robert Frost poem “A Line-storm Song.”

Super deep.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO started the Boring Company after he says he was frustrated with Los Angeles gridlock – and plans to build a series of tunnels in L.A. with cars being ferried around on pods at 125 mph.

The first boring machine was called “Godot” and began digging tunnels in early 2017.

CNBC writes:

Musk has been very public with the progress of the Boring Company. In July, he showed off the elevator that would take cars underground.

The Tesla boss, who appears to have a very loyal fanbase, also began selling $20 caps branded “The Boring Company.” He announced, in jest, that 4,000 hats had been sold so far and the person who buys cap number 5,000 will receive an additional one on top for free.

Secret underground cities for the elite when?

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  1. awanka

    Just don’t give these tunnelling machines AI.

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  2. sarcrilege

    don’t tell me. Another taxpayer subsidized bullshit idea from Elon Musky.

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  3. bushwacker2

    I like it. There needs to be underground tunnels and passageways in place prior to fatboy rocket man’s missile launches aimed at the Left Coast.

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