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Russia Releases Photos Of US Equipment At ISIS Positions Within Hours Of Lt. General’s Death

The Russian Defense ministry released a cache of photos from Syria allegedly showing ISIS, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and the United States working side-by-side against Russian and Syrian government forces in the town of Dier ez-Zor.

Photos from two weeks ago of what Russia claims are U.S. Special Ops Forces (SOF) Hummer vehicles operating at ISIS strongholds were posted on Twitter early Sunday morning:

The Russian Defense Ministry issued the following statement on the matter:

#US Special Operations Forces (#SOF) units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations.

Facing no resistance of the ISIS militants, the #SDF units are advancing along the left shore of the #Euphrates towards #Deir_ez_Zor.

The aerial photos made on September 8-12 over the ISIS locations recorded a large number of American #Hummer vehicles, which are in service with the #America‘s #SOF.

The shots clearly show the US SOF units located at strongholds that had been equipped by the ISIS terrorists. Though there is no evidence of assault, struggle or any US-led coalition airstrikes to drive out the militants.

Despite that the US strongholds being located in the ISIS areas, no screening patrol has been organized at them. This suggests that the#US_troops feel safe in terrorist controlled regions”.

The photos were posted within hours of the death of Russia’s top military commander in the region, Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov, who came under shelling from ISIS holed in near Deir Ez Zor. While news of Asapov’s death came after the photos were tweeted, it is unclear when exactly the Lt. General was killed. In other words, was the top-ranked Russia in Syria killed in retaliation for the satellite photos, or were the photos released in retaliation for the attack?

Proxy forces

As Adam Garrie reports, via The Duran, it has long been thought that the US proxy militia SDF is operating in collusion with ISIS in various parts of Syria. This has especially been the case in respect of Deir ez-Zor. In Deir ez-Zor, the Russian Defense Ministry has previously stated that the Syrian Arab Army and their allies are fired on most intensely from positions known to be held by the SDF.

A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov recently said,

“SDF militants work to the same objectives as Daesh [ISIS] terrorists. Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between Daesh and the ‘third force’, SDF”.

Konashenkov added that Russia will target SDF forces that pose a threat.

If the U.S. is working with SDF forces, and the SDF is aligned with ISIS – then the fact that SDF forces allowed ISIS terrorists to peacefully leave Raqqa and head towards Deir ez-Zor – now the largest ISIS stronghold east of Libya.

Let’s also not forget the Wikileaked email from the 2016 election which revealed a 2014 email sent from Hillary Clinton to John Podesta revealing Saudi “clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

Let’s also not forget the U.K. government report prime minister Theresa May is sitting on, purportedly detailing the flow of money from Saudi Arabia to extremist groups in the UK.

Where does ISIS get such wonderful toys?

In 2015, ISIS posted a propaganda video showcasing its giant arsenal of heavy artillery, featuring tanks, heavy artillery, and a fleet of Toyota trucks rolling around the desert. After U.S. counterterrorism officials asked Toyota exactly how that many trucks fell into the hands of the terrorist organization, the automaker shrugged it off – claiming they have no idea.

At the end of 2015, Reuters reported that ISIS jacked a bunch of U.S. equipment abandoned by Iraqi fighters, including:

  • Innumerable small arms and ammunition
  • 52 Howitzer M198 mobile gun systems
  • 74,000 machine guns
  • 40 main M1A1 battle tanks

In light of the new reports of U.S. special forces working with Islamic militants in Syria, one wonders exactly how ISIS really took possession of their toy collection.

Some thoughts from William Craddick of Disobedient Media:

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  1. sarcrilege

    US proxy militia SDF is operating in collusion with Israel proxy militia ISIS in various parts of Syria. …. There, fixed it.

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  2. derp

    What. You mean we instigate conflicts then arm both sides? But that would make us … assholes. The bad guys? Pricks in general.

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  3. WrongView

    Thanks, comrade.

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  4. doji

    derp – that is correct

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  5. D3F1ANT

    OK…as though we can trust Russia! LOL! No outside motivation for them to lie or anything. Not to mention, they can label those photos any way they like! Seems pretty arbitrary to me.

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  6. L Garou

    The US Special forces and Co. got their a**es handed to them shortly thereafter, not to mention..

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  7. Terry Edmond

    I was informing a new recruit about the NWO and he didn’t want to hear it. I said PTSD doesn’t come from being scared, but in the revelation that the same funding for your bullets is paying for your enemies bullets too – and petro for all the vehicles too.

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