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iPhone 8 Launch In Sydney A Total Disaster $AAPL

The Sydney, Australia launch of Apple’s new iPhone 8 was met with crickets Friday, as nobody wanted to wait in line for a phone with features Samsung has offered for two years or more, such as wireless charging and facial recognition.

Apple customers camp outside of Sydney’s flagship Apple store on the first day the iPhone 8 went on sale in Sydney, Australia, September 22, 2017. AAP/Joel Carrett/via REUTERS

Hundreds of people have historically gathered at the Sydney Apple store for new releases, with lines of camped out iFanatics stretching down the street for blocks.

On Friday, fewer than 30 people were standing outside of the store before it opened, a witness told Reuters. The first customer in line, Mazen Kourouche, started camping outside the store eleven days ago, thinking he’d beat the crowds. Karouche reviewed the phone on YouTube, and said there were ‘modest refinements.’

“(It) is pretty similar to the iPhone 7 but it shoots 4k 60 frames per second and it’s got a new glass back instead of the metal which is apparently more durable,” he told Reuters. “There aren’t too many new features to this one.”

Bad crowds, poor reviews

If the dismal turnout in Sydney wasn’t enough, the iPhone 8 has been receiving poor reviews – driving shares down to lows of $152.75 on Thursday, the lowest it’s been in almost two months.

iTWire.com’s tech editor Alex Zaharov-Reutt suggested that the iPhone 8 may have a limited audience of ‘those who ant a new version but do not want to pay a hefty $999 for the iPhone X,’ adding ‘Yes there is a new iPhone coming in a couple of months and plenty of people would want that.’

Tim Cook has called the new iPhone X ‘the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.’

We’ll see how the lines go…

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  1. ironbird

    Yeah. Slave made products produced by humanity hating fags stop selling. At some point. Possibly. Or not.

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  2. sarcrilege

    What? No interest in old iCrap technology?

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  3. awanka

    My guess is iphone X will be a huge hit if they can work out their supply problems. It really does look like a next gen phone.

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  4. oilerua

    who the fuck buys a super general and all iphone 7 looking iphone 8 , when in a lilttle more then a month can buy a super sleak iphonex ….

    this was higly
    the iphone 8 was an exercise of conformity for apple , to makes everyone “happy” ( no analyst can say ” major depart , apple has lost his brandity , brabrabra )
    stay tuned

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