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TWO MORE HURRICANES: #Jose And #Katia Threaten Gulf As #Irma Closes In On Florida

Biblical shit’s going down in the gulf. While Hurricane Irma – the largest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic bears down on Florida – a week after southeast Texas was devastated by hurricane #Harvey, a new hurricane, Jose, has cropped up right behind the Irma. Meanwhile, recently upgraded Hurricane Katia churns in the gulf of Mexico.

The National Hurricane Center said that Jose is “quickly strengthening,” after quietly following Irma across the Atlantic for the past several days.

Via ZeroHedge

Located about 1040 miles east of the Lesser Antilles, Jose is headed at 16 mph on a steady west-northwest track, steered by the same ridge that is helping to direct Irma.

On its current track, Jose would reach the northern Leeward Islands by Saturday, but the ridge is predicted to weaken enough by Saturday to allow Jose to arc just northeast of the islands. Conditions are favorable for Jose to strengthen into a hurricane by later Wednesday, and it could approach Category 3 strength by late in the week. About 25% of the European model ensemble members bring Jose into the northern Leeward Islands, but all of the GFS ensemble members keep Jose north of the islands.

Irma and Jose


Recently upgraded from a Tropical Storm to a Category 1 Hurricane, Katia looks like it’s going to slam into the west coast of Mexico sometimes Saturday.

Meanwhile, Irma is destroying everything in its path

And the island of Barbuda – which some estimate 70% of has been destroyed.

And it was such a quiet hurricane season until Harvey kicked off the destruction.

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