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Guerrilla Street Art Appears In Support Of Fired Google Engineer James Damore

In response to Google firing engineer James Damore (who just got on Twitter as @Fired4Truth) for his politically incorrect #GoogleMemo, a series of guerrilla street art installations have cropped up in Venice and Santa Monica, CA in protest of the Silicon Valley search giant.

Conservative pundit and founder of the Proud Boys “pro-Western fraternal organization” says the individual responsible for the street art is a member of his organization.

March on Google

In response to being fired, James Damore conservatives Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich have organized “March on Google” set for Saturday, August 19th anywhere google has offices.

“We are going to raise awareness about Google’s one-sided bias and campaign against dissenting opinions and voices,” Posobiec said, adding “Google’s firing of James Damore is the flashpoint here. An engineer fired for simply expressing an opinion that ran counter to Google’s politically-charged atmosphere of an “Ideological Echo Chamber” (Also the title of Damore’s memo).

Hundreds of people have reportedly signed up for the marches since Wednesday’s announcement.

Support for Damore

In addition to a huge swell of internal agreement with the controversial memo among Google employees, there has been an outpouring of conservatives offering everything from kind words to jobs in support of Damore from the likes of Wikileaks and Twitter alternative Gab.ai.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba elaborated on his job offer in an interview with Breitbart Tech.

“Gab supports the free and open expression of all ideas. What this document and the reaction to it prove is that Silicon Valley exists in a bubble world where Wrong Think is not permitted,” Torba claimed. “They preach tolerance and yet are intolerant of any conservatives ideas. They praise diversity and yet shun conservatives out of their workplace. They applaud the bravery of folks who speak out when it aligns with their own far-left agenda, but scorn a conservative who dares to stand up for what they believe in.” via Breitbart

Shockingly, the NYT and Chicago Tribune have both published articles coming out against Damore’s firing – with the NYT op-ed suggesting Google CEO Sunday Pichai resign!

Conservatism is truly the new counter culture…

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  1. heaterman

    The pendulum began to swing in the 2010 elections. There were murmurs of discontent at our polls regarding the direction some perceived the administration was bent on taking the country.
    Some of the comments I heard in my job as clerk alluded to seemingly preferential treatment offered to groups, basically any group outside what is normally assumed to be mainstream America. You know… A mom, A dad, 2.2 kids, with a house they own, and maybe 2 cars…That kind of thing.
    There were also comments as I recall about the administration claiming there was no such thing as American exceptionalism. The utterance of this thought was universally followed by the word “Bullshit” …in an exclamatory fashion.

    In the 2012 election these same voices words were heard a bit more and by 2014 I was hearing them from people I knew to be lifelong Democrats.

    In 2016, there was no more accurate way to describe the mood of voters than to say they were pissed. Big time.
    They wanted nothing to do with anything resembling or involved with the then current administration. The voters had had it up to their ears and our numbers here turned out to be 87% in favor of the current occupant of 1600 PA Ave.
    It was a nearly universal crescendo of discontent with the perceived direction of the country.
    TO DO

    People…my local voters, were tired of taking a back seat to trannies, gays, ghetto thugs, illegal immigrants, Islamists who wanted them dead, and practically any other group than ma and pa mainstream America.

    The pendulum is indeed sqinging and still gaining momentum from what I can tell.

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  2. sarcrilege

    Evil doing Google ( Goolag) got more than it bargained for with firing Damore.

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  3. Cricket

    LOL. Damore you attack us dastronger we get.

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  4. Stockslueth

    If we have free speech then why is there always someone getting us to pay for it? Either it’s free or it’s not.

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  5. Lisa

    My favorite part about this is that voicing an opinion didn’t get someone exiled from employment and the pursuit of happiness.

    The political angle, not so much.

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  6. mx2101

    Employees do not have free speech. Market participants do not have free speech with respect to its impact on prices.

    There’s nothing else to see here, please move along to your next media entertainment item.

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