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BOOK: Steve Bannon Called Paul Ryan ‘Limp Dick Motherf*cker’ For Trying To Block Trump Nomination

Steve Bannon does not mince words – especially when it comes to cucks like Paul Ryan. According to a new book by Bloomberg’s Josh Green, the 63 year old former head of Breitbart unleashed in an epic rant, calling Ryan a ‘limp dick motherf*cker born in a petri dish’ after Bannon caught wind of Ryan’s plan to install himself as the Presidential nominee during the 2016 primaries.

Per The Independent:

According to Mr Green, Mr Bannon flew off the handle when he learned of a Republican plot to install Mr Ryan as the presidential nominee at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

At the headquarters of his far-right publication, Breitbart News, Mr Bannon unloaded on Mr Ryan as a “limp-d**k motherf***** who was born in a petri dish at the Heritage Foundation,” a conservative think tank.

Not content to leave it at that, Bannon then reportedly invoked the frog-God Kek, also known as Pepe…

A strong supporter of the emerging “alt-right,” Mr Bannon threatened to rally their young, far-right forces against Mr Ryan.

Pepe’s gonna stomp their ass,” he reportedly said, referring to the movement’s cartoon frog mascot.

Based on results, Pepe did in fact stop Ryan’s ass – as the speaker of the house rolled snake eyes on both a run for the White House and his precious healthcare bill.

Paul Ryan can’t stop cucking around

As Breitbart reported in March, an audio tape surfaced of Paul Ryan on an October 2016 conference call with House Republicans, in which he said he was going to abandon Donald Trump and ‘never defend him again.’

In the Oct. 10, 2016 call, from right after the Access Hollywood tape of Trump was leaked in the weeks leading up to the election, Ryan does not specify that he will never defend Trump on just the Access Hollywood tape—he says clearly he is done with Trump altogether.

“I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future,” Ryan says in the audio, obtained by Breitbart News and published here for the first time ever.

Have a listen to this limp dicked motherf*cker:


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Idiot Snowflake Students LOVE Socialism, Yet Can’t Explain What It Is

There’s nothing liberal millennials seem to love more than free shit – and if you just ask one, ‘socialism’ is apparently the way to get it… you know, if you don’t mind all that death at the hands of socialist dictators.

Campus Reform points out a poll showing that 53 percent of Americans under 35 think socialism would be great for America, and that 45 percent of young Americans would be willing to support an openly socialist candidate.

While it’s clear that young people increasingly view socialism in a positive light, it’s also clear that many of them are uneducated about what it entails, or the impact it’s had throughout history.

The same poll found many millennials are unfamiliar with historical figures often associated with socialism, such as Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin, and Karl Marx. –Campus Reform

So what did Campus Reform do? Why, they went out to talk to a bunch of students in Washington D.C. to find out what in the ever loving fuck is wrong with them – only to find out that they’re total morons…

One student said of socialism, “I think people throw that word around to try and scare you, but if helping people is socialism, than I’m for it.”

When asked how she would define socialism, her answer was simple: “I mean honestly I’m not not exactly sure.”

“I guess just, you know, getting rid of that wealth gap in the United States?” ventured another.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the future. If one of these snowflakes is your kid, just helium bag yourself for your parental failure. Lord knows your idiot offspring won’t be able to take care of you in your old age.

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Chipotle Hit With Another Foodborne Illness – Stock Tanks After Norovirus Reports $CMG

Shares of Chipotle ($CMG) fell off a cliff today after Business Insider reported the closing of a Sterling, VA location following multiple reports of customers falling ill.

Customers reported symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, severe stomach pain, dehydration, and nausea to the website iwaspoisoned.com, which first alerted Business Insider to the issues at the Sterling restaurant. One person reported two hospitalizations as a result of the illnesses.

In total, eight reports were made to the website, indicating that at least 13 customers fell sick after eating there from July 14-15.

Chipotle told Business Insider that it is aware of the situation, and is “working with health authorities to understand what the cause may be and to resolve the situation as quickly as possible,” according to Executive director of food safety Jim Mardsen – who added “The reported symptoms are consistent with norovirus.”


Chipotle suffered a string of E.Coli and norovirus incidents throughout 2015, in what many believe to be corporate espionage.

The fast food chain which notably refuses to use ingredients containing Monsanto GMOs was also hit with a massive hacking attack in March after refusing to upgrade to chipped card readers, which Chipotle reported in May.

All in all, the stock is down over 50% since 2015…


While shares of Chipotle shit the shower, ZeroHedge notes:

If you want to see the effect of ETF contagion, the rest of the restaurant sector is getting mini flash-crashed….

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Researchers Turn Loser Mice Into Aggressive ‘Super-Soldiers’ Using Photons of Light

Scientists in China have discovered how to turn docile ‘loser’ mice into aggressive ‘super soldiers’ by shooting photons of light into an area of the brain responsible for ‘effortful’ behavior.

Ars Technica reports:

neuroscientist Zhou Tingting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, joined with his colleagues to measure mouse dominance using what’s called the “tube test.” The tube test creates a scenario in which there’s not enough room for the mice to pass each other in the tube. Mice have to shove one another aside to get out. The mouse who shoves the most other mice out of its way will “win” the dominance game.

In a July 14 article for Science, Zhou and crew noted that “winner mice initiated significantly more pushes, and with a longer duration per push, than loser mice.”


While winners weren’t necessarily stronger than losers – they were more persistent and aggressive. Researches discovered that the winner mice had more brain activity in a cluster of neurons called the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) – an area associated with ‘effortful behavior’ and ‘social dominance.’ Mice with weak dmPFC clusters always lost.

Universal Soldiers

Zhou and crew set off with the task of creating an army of ‘winner’ mice by stimulating the dmPFC regions of loser mice using a technique called ‘optogenticsm,’ which triggers neural activity using light and proteins.

When newly programmed loser mice took the tube test, they began shoving the winner mice vigorously – winning almost every time.

What does this mean for humanity?

Obviously, it’s universal soldier time if this technique works on human brains. Can we expect battlefields full of aggressive soldiers, charging towards the enemy with blinking brains implants? Probably not anytime soon…

What’s interesting, however, is that some mice retained their winner status, while others returned to a life of loserdom.

Perhaps more interesting is how researchers found they could permanently transform loser mice into winners, just by stimulating their brains six or more times in tube tests. “We observed that not all the mice returned to their original rank,” Zhejiang University neuroscientist Hu Hailan told the Guardian. “Some mice [did], but some of them had this newly dominant position.” Hu and the other researchers refer to this as the “winner effect,” in which one triumph can lead to more victories, due to a change in outlook.


Thanks to ‘neuroplasticity,’ every time a mouse with brain stimulation wins, it remembers – effectively rewiring some mice into more aggressive versions of their former selves. Light stimulation isn’t the only way to rewire the brain – it’s just one of the fastest. Animals can reprogram themselves through new experiences and learning.

Could the future of psychotherapy include implants to help people overcome social anxiety and fears? Or would we simply create an army of mass murderers overcome with primal rage?

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Spyin’ Lyin’ Susan Rice Backs Out Of Congressional Testimony, Second Last Minute Cancellation In A Week

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice has abruptly canceled a Tuesday appearance in front of the House Intelligence Committee to discuss allegations that she requested the ‘unmasking‘ of various members of the Trump campaign on behalf of the Obama administration.

Rice’s cancellation comes on the heels of another nix’d testimony from Glenn Simpson – the former Wall St. Journal reporter who co-founded opposition research firm Fusion GPS – which was responsible for an embarrassingly amateur and largely debunked 35-page Trump-Russia ‘dossier’ used as evidence to request a FISA surveillance warrant on a Trump associate.

Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS Co-Founder

Simpson’s Wednesday cancellation in front of the Senate Intel Committee appearance followed revelations that two Fusion GPS associates were intimately involved in a June 2016 sit-down between Donald Trump Jr., a Russian lawyer, and 6 other people – a meeting which has the appearance of a political ‘setup’ meant to ensnare the Trump team.

The man who arranged the meeting, Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone, told Trump Jr. that the Russian lawyer had information on Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia. A second Fusion GPS associate, Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, attended the meeting as well.

Did Simpson and Rice cancel in light of the Trump Jr. takedown backfiring? 

‘Susan Rice has a history of dishonesty – from lying about her role in unmasking the Trump team which was exposed by journalist Mike Cernovich, to the true cause of Benghazi (which Hillary correctly told Chelsea was radical Islamists within hours of the attack), to the enormous wealth Rice has accumulated while in public service – the former National Security Advisor to Obama looks like nothing more than a well paid lapdog.

FISA Basis

Many are now suggesting that the Trump Jr. meeting was the basis for the Obama administration’s June 2016 FISA request to spy on the Trump team in light of the fact that another Fusion GPS-linked endeavor (the dossier) was used as the basis for a FISA warrant on Trump associate Carter Page.

If the Trump Jr. meeting was a setup arranged by Fusion GPS associates, it would make for the second incident in which the opposition research firm was linked to dirty work used to justify spying on the Trump team. If Susan Rice knows about any type of collusion between the Obama administration, Fusion GPS, and Hillary Clinton – a candidate running for President, heads could roll.

Perhaps this is why both Rice and the co-founder of Fusion GPS canceled their testimonies…

A side note – the Don Jr. Russian Conspiracy Theory is Toast

Many on the left have suggested that the meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer was set up to establish a back-channel to the Kremlin. As journalist and author Jack Posobiec points out – why would Don Jr. need to do that if his father was colluding with Putin?

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Border Patrol Union Praises Trump – Cites ‘Miraculous’ Drop In Illegal Immigration

A sharp dropoff in the number of illegal border crossers coming into the United States from Mexico is “nothing short of miraculous,” National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told C-SPAN on Monday.

As far as the Trump administration’s efforts on immigration, this is something they campaigned heavily on.

We have never seen such a drop that we currently have.

There’s a vibe, there’s an energy in the Border Patrol that’s never been there before in 20 years that I’ve been in the patrol.  –Brandon Judd

Judd went on to say that Trump’s two Executive Orders instructing border agents to fully carry out laws is in sharp contrast to the Obama administration, which kept agents from performing their sworn duties.

The Washington Examiner reports a 53% decrease in apprehensions at the Southwest border compared to last year – a 6 year low:

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency on Friday reported a huge drop in arrests along the Southwest border, a likely result of President Trump’s aggressive effort to stop illegals from entering the nation and deport those with criminal records.

The agency said that apprehensions dropped 53 percent from a year ago. The number also includes those deemed inadmissible.

The NBPC President added that a southern border wall was necessary for select parts of the border, however he added that the entire border between the U.S. and Mexico does not need a full fence.

The Department of Homeland Security has been given $1.6 billion towards the wall – which, according to a report in the Texas Observer, is well underway.

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Deputy AG Backs Sessions On Drug Crime Crackdown $CXW $GEO

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is vigorously defending a decision by AG Jeff Sessions to crack down on ‘the most serious, readily provable’ drug crimes.

In an op-ed for the San Francisco chronicle last Friday, Rosenstein noted that the Sessions memo ‘reinstitutes a policy that existed for more than three decades,’ of mandatory minimum sentences enacted by Congress – but relaxed under former AG Eric Holder of the Obama administration.

After that [Holder’s] policy was adopted, the total number of drug dealers charged annually by federal prosecutors fell from nearly 30,000 — where it had stood for many years — to just 22,000.

Meanwhile, drug-related violence has surged. There has been a significant spike in murders, including an 11 percent increase in 2015 alone.

Used wisely, federal charges with stiff penalties enable U.S. attorneys to secure the cooperation of gang members, remove repeat offenders from the community and deter other criminals from taking their places. –Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein closed by writing ‘Minor drug offenders rarely face federal prosecution, and offenders without serious criminal records usually can avoid mandatory penalties by truthfully identifying their co-conspirators.’

Prison Stocks

For your consideration, Corecivic ($CXW, ~6% dividend) and the Geo Group ($GEO ~ 6.27% dividend) are two ways for you to get in on all the locked up drug dealer action from the ‘Law and Order’ administration. Both stocks are up over 1% as of this writing while the S&P is up .09%.

Careful though – iBankCoin’s Exodus algorithm currently has Geo Group as overbought, with the stock losing an average of 7.9% after 7 days.

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Brock-Linked Activist Group Forces DHS To Turn Over Mar-a-Lago Visitor Logs

A government transparency organization formerly headed by Democrat operative David Brock is celebrating a legal victory over the Trump administration, after having compelled the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to turn over visitor logs to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort by Sept. 8.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) – well funded and chaired by liberal propagandist David Brock until election day, and which has filed over 100 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the Trump administration, issued a statement;

“The public deserves to know who is coming to meet with the president and his staff,” said executive director Noah Bookbinder. “We are glad as a result of this case, this information will become public for meetings at his personal residences — but it needs to be public for meetings at the White House as well.”

The Trump administration has notably declined to release White House visitor logs. In 2009 CREW was successfully able to compel the Obama administration to release visitor logs after a similar lawsuit.

Another nothingburger?

As David Martosko of the Daily Caller tweets ‘Wanna bet the get nothing, because no one kept meaningful logs that aren’t subject to FOIA exemptions?”

Indeed, CREW spokesman Jordan Libowitz told Politico: ‘We don’t know exactly what records they have. What that means is somewhat of a mystery, but whatever records they kept, we will be getting.’

‘We know they have logs… because with Trump Tower, they told us there were no records to produce, but with Mar-a-Lago there were.’ –Jordan Libowitz, CREW

The Trump legal team probably considered that they may need to turn over visitor records at some point, if they exit – which means that if CREW’s legally compelled release from DHS doesn’t contain anything of import – it’s only going to vindicate President Trump in the eyes of the American public.

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Hannity Unleashes: Joe Scarborough ‘Sold His Soul’ for ‘Sheep TV’

Sean Hannity hit back at Joe Scarborough in a series of tweets, telling his 2.6 million followers that the MSNBC host, ‘liberal Joe,’ had to ‘become an MSNBC liberal to keep his job.’

The tweetstorm from Hannity comes hours after Scarborough called Hannity’s nightly show on Fox “state run television.”

Hannity compared the Morning Joe host to recently fired MSNBC host Greta Van Susteren, the former Fox host who jumped networks – yet was reportedly let go for refusing to go along with the Trump-Russia conspiracy.

“@greta refused to change,” tweeted hannity. “Joe sold his soul Sheep TV.

Hannity also jabbed Scarborough over his musical appearance on the Stephen Colbert show, stating “Liberal Joe is desperate for attention now. Lashing out @Potus me, singing bad songs on Colbert. I crushed him on radio and TV,” wrote Hannity – followed by the hashtag #epicfailure

Hannity vs. Scarborough

Animosity between the two hosts has been building since June, when Hannity said he would air a montage of Scarborough’s “daily emotional meltdown.”

Per The Hill

“Poor liberal Joe and Mika [Brzezinski] continue their daily emotional meltdown,” wrote Hannity. “Hilarious video montage tonight at 10 on Hannity FNC.”

Scarborough quickly responded to Hannity.

“Comrade, your continued obsession with those who refuse to be apparatchiks for Russia suggests resentment and envy. You are obsessed,” he responded.

Scarborough has 1.3 million followers on Twitter.

Hannity also unleashed on Scarborough and his fiancee and co-host Mika Brzezinski over their attacks on President Trump, calling Scarborough an “arrogant, pompous jerk” after the MSNBC host compared Trump to “a kid pooping in his pants.”

Stay classy Joe…

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McCain Surgery More Serious Than Reported – Does Blood Clot Explain Odd Behavior?

John McCain’s Friday surgery was so serious that Senate Majority Leader Mich McConnell delayed a vote on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act until the senator from Arizona recovers.

A blood clot was discovered above McCain’s right eye during a routine physical, requiring doctors to crack into his skull above the eyebrow. “Usually, a blood clot in this area would be a very concerning issue,” said Neurosurgeon Nrupen Baxi of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC.

Per the New York Times:

The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, has already announced that votes on a bill to dismantle the Affordable Care Act will not begin until Mr. McCain’s return. A statement released by Mr. McCain’s office on Saturday had suggested that he would be in Arizona recovering for just this week, but neurosurgeons interviewed said the typical recovery period could be longer.

The statement from Mr. McCain’s office said a two-inch blood clot was removed from “above his left eye” during a “minimally invasive craniotomy with an eyebrow incision” at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, “following a routine annual physical.” Surgeons there are not conducting interviews, and Mr. McCain’s communications director, Julie Tarallo, said no further information was available.

A craniotomy is an opening of the skull, and an eyebrow incision would be used to reach a clot in or near the left frontal lobes of the brain, neurosurgeons who were not involved in Mr. McCain’s care said.

Looks like he’ll be taking a break from deep-state shenanigans for a bit…

Does this explain McCain’s odd behavior?

The NYT raises the question of whether or not the clot affected McCain during his bizarre line of questioning of former FBI Director James Comey.

During testimony, McCain referred to the former FBI Director as “President Comey,” before looking confused and frustrated with Comey’s answers… In fact, the entire sit-down was so strange that it was Twitter’s top tweeted moment from the Comey testimony.

McCain’s office responded to the Twitter attention, suggesting people are too stupid to understand him:

I get the sense from Twitter that my line of questioning today went over people’s heads. Maybe going forward I shouldn’t stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games. What I was trying to get at was whether Mr. Comey believes that any of his interactions with the President rise to the level of obstruction of justice.

To which the Arizona Diamondbacks official Twitter account replied:

Watch for yourself: 

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