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Deputy AG Backs Sessions On Drug Crime Crackdown $CXW $GEO

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is vigorously defending a decision by AG Jeff Sessions to crack down on ‘the most serious, readily provable’ drug crimes.

In an op-ed for the San Francisco chronicle last Friday, Rosenstein noted that the Sessions memo ‘reinstitutes a policy that existed for more than three decades,’ of mandatory minimum sentences enacted by Congress – but relaxed under former AG Eric Holder of the Obama administration.

After that [Holder’s] policy was adopted, the total number of drug dealers charged annually by federal prosecutors fell from nearly 30,000 — where it had stood for many years — to just 22,000.

Meanwhile, drug-related violence has surged. There has been a significant spike in murders, including an 11 percent increase in 2015 alone.

Used wisely, federal charges with stiff penalties enable U.S. attorneys to secure the cooperation of gang members, remove repeat offenders from the community and deter other criminals from taking their places. –Rod Rosenstein

Rosenstein closed by writing ‘Minor drug offenders rarely face federal prosecution, and offenders without serious criminal records usually can avoid mandatory penalties by truthfully identifying their co-conspirators.’

Prison Stocks

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  1. ironbird

    This is disappointing. But. Pretty sure prisons will need steel for all those new cells full of addicts.

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  2. sarcrilege

    gotta keep those state/private/federal jails and prisons to full capacity and keep the police apparatus humming

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  3. ironbird

    Only bigger worldwide racket than that God damned drug war. Would have been carbon taxes. At least we got one staked thru the heart. For now.

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  4. derp

    Go long on butter. Prisons have a huge appetite for butter. But not for the kitchens, you faggots.

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