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REEEEEBok Slams President Trump For Complimenting Brigitte Macron

Shoemaker Reebok, a subsidiary of Adidas, shot off a snarky tweet criticizing President Trump, after the President told France’s First lady Brigitte Macron, “You’re in such good shape… beautiful.”

Since it’s apparently no longer OK to compliment a woman on her looks, or assume her gender, or acknowledge when a person has devoted a lot of time to physical fitness, Reebok – which forces thousands of women to work in sweatshops –  is apparently the new morality police.

Was Trump hitting on Macron’s wife?

Could Reebok be full of virtue signaling Hypocrites?



Meanwhile, Reebok sucks bags upon bags of dicks

Despite shareholders calling for Reebok parent company Adidas to punt the revenue losing subsidiary, CEO Kasper Rorstead, a total cuck, ignored them:

“We are not going to sell Reebok because we are still very confident of the strategic position of the brand,” Rorsted told the meeting. “We are convinced the measures we are taking are going to be successful.” –Kasper Rorstead

According to Reuters, Rorsted admitted that Reebok was still not profitable but said he was sure restructuring measures would turn it around, adding his plan was for three to four years.


While they’re still massive cucks, enjoy this gallery of Reebok’s objectification of women…

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