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Tucker Channels Ki And Vanquishes Delusional Antifa Over ‘Conservative Violence’

There’s a new force in Chicago – toughened snowflakes submitting themselves to the grueling Antifa training gauntlet known as the haymaker collective – a gym that doesn’t force people into a hetero-normative environment as they learn self-defense skills to protect against evil fascists.

Muh Anxieties…

The concept of conservative-on-liberal violence was largely invented by the left to support their perpetual victim mentality. After all – if they’re not constantly being oppressed, discriminated against, or having their genders assumed, liberals are apparently physically attacked by conservatives all the time.


I don’t remember all those paid conservatives sent to Hillary rallies to incite violence until they’re shut down.

I can’t seem to find the YouTube video of the pack of white thugs dragging a black guy out of his car, beating him in the middle of an intersection, and then stealing his car.

I missed the time conservatives beat up a homeless black woman for supporting Hillary, or sending one to the hospital, or assaulting someone with a flagpole, or a Hillary hat.

I must have slept in the day Trump supporters kidnapped a liberal – torturing him, threatening to kill him, and then only getting caught when a neighbor called the cops.

I haven’t seen all those reports of conservative kids beating up kids from Hillary families for their political views.

In fact, it seems like the exact opposite is true!

On to Tucker’s Dojo

“Naila,” a representative of the Antifa Haymaker Collective went on Tucker Carlson Tonight where she explained that the gym was set up so liberals don’t have to feel “frightened, and isolated, and alone” when it comes to all of the hate crimes they’re worried about.

After her impassioned intro, Tucker proceeded to use facts and logic to pierce Naila’s thinly supported veil of delusion about crime in her hometown of Chicago – rendering her unable to answer simple questions and sending the liberated hijab wearing warrior into a head-swiveling self-righteous rage:

Tucker:  I just sort of wonder if you’re concern isn’t misplaced. I mean, Chicago is a really dangerous place. I think you’ve had about 2,000 shootings so far just this year. I don’t think any of them are perpetrated by right wingers that I know of – or Trump supporters… any of them. So maybe you’ve got other things to worry about?

Naila: Well, according to statistics, we do have something to worry about. The Cato institute records that the vast majority of violent extremism comes from white right wing nationalists. We also know that according to statistics, 80% of deadly terrorist incidents that happen within the United States are perpetuated by people who feel that other bodies, other people, don’t belong.

Tucker: I don’t want to interrupt you, but those are totally made up statistics – you should spend some time looking at them.

Tucker refocuses on crime in Chicago, when Naila then let the FOX host know she’s afraid to ride the bus, “because just may 26th in Portland on the light rail, there were two black women who were approached and confronted by a white man who calls himself a patriot. Three other white men came to those two womens’ defense, and they were stabbed in the neck and two of them died.”

Tucker replied, “I saw the story, it was an awful story – but I’m just saying, in the city that you live in… you’ve had 2,000 shootings and none of them were by Trump supporters. That doesn’t bother you, but a stabbing on a train in Portland, Oregon is the reason you’re a afraid to ride the train in Chicago. It seems a little bit disassociated.”


Guns, Guns, Guns! 

Tucker then brought up private gun ownership, since the Chicago Haymaker collective was established in the name of self-defense. Naila can’t seem to grasp that guns are a particularly effective way to defend one’s self – stammering around and mechanically looping back to the fact that the Haymaker “project” was established for people to learn hand-to-hand combat.

Tucker: Guns are more effective than karate chops, so I’m just sort of wondering where you are on the gun thing.

Naila: On the question of guns, we don’t really have an answer. We need to learn the responses physically to respond to some of these incidents that are happening. The question for me, again, is not on people shooting me with guns. The question is incidents like Nabra Hassannen who was murdered while she was walking from her Mosque in Washington D.C. 

Tucker: Was she killed by a Trump supporter? Oh, I thought she was killed by an illegal alien, wasn’t she?

Naila: She was killed by a man who decided to go after her with a bat.

Tucker: Oh yeah, that was not a Trump supporter actually – that was an illegal alien. Bad example, I’m sure there are others. 


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  1. derp

    Meanwhile in Muslim countries, they punish the woman for her own rape. Where’s the outrage? Froggy? TC?

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  2. Cricket

    If that chick thinks kicking a sandbag twice a week is going to stop her being gang raped by some armed thugs from Southside Chicago …

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  3. moonshot

    I don’t even believe she is Muslim.

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  4. sarcrilege

    Surely somebody here can explain to my why Soros’ filthy and scummy fingerprints are all over this pinko marxist agitprop here and everywhere:

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  5. downtown

    Well said well said, Zero!

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  6. NotGekko

    She’s no muslim. That isn’t even her real name per the video. Yet another leftist antifa pre-programmed drone coward hiding in a disguise. All they know is hate and expressing said hate blabbering in circles with no real substance or consistency to their rhetoric. Sad!

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  7. Cricket

    Maybe she’s Israeli. Rahm’s 2nd cousin?

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