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Pound Slammed As UK PM’s Plan Backfires – BREXIT Set To Stall

UK Prime Minister and Conservative party leader Theresa May just fucked up royally. She thought she could capitalize on the wave of nationalism responsible for Brexit – for which the negotiations have been slow going.

In order to expedite the process, May thought she was super cool in April by announcing a “shock” election for today. Her expectation was that MOAR conservatives would snatch up seats in Parliament.


Exit polls are showing May’s plan has backfired. Not only is it looking like the conservative party has lost 17 seats, Theresa May is at risk of losing her position as Prime Minister. It’s now looking like the election may result in a “Hung Parliament,” which means – more or less, nothing’s getting done in Parliament for a loooong time. Bad day at Red Rock for Brexit fans.


To that end, Nigel Farage – Brexit’s death defying bad boy just said Brexit is at risk, and that the UK faces a second referendum if Jeremy Corbyn pulls off an unlikely election victory.


In reaction to the exit polls, the British pound is getting tentacle raped (full Eichenwald).

There may be an even BIGGER upset is in the cards…


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  1. Superpositron

    Brexit can’t be stalled unless or 27 countries agree to it. The clock is ticking still.

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  2. sarcrilege

    It’s possible that the conservative party leader Theresa May just fucked up royally by thinking she could capitalize on the wave of nationalism responsible for Brexit. Theresa May didn’t have to call for early elections but chose to do so anyway. That is suspicious. She could have focused her energy on Brexit. She did not. The EU deep state never wanted Brexit. The plebs are supposed to think that this was a political blunder yet the other angle could be that T.May is stalling and buying time for the deep state to change legislation, rig elections/next referendum, whatever and etc. in order to abort Brexit. Brexit does not play into the globalists’ hands and they will do anything to abort it.

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