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NSA Leaker ‘Reality Winner’ Feels Like A Ham-Handed PsyOp

So much doesn’t add up about NSA leaker Reality Winner…

The 25 year 0ld former US Air Force #NeverTrumper (born Sarah Winner) with a top secret security clearance and a very public anti-Trump presence on Social Media gets a job with NSA contractor Pluribus International and starts work in a Georgia NSA facility February 13th.

May 5th – the date the leaked document was allegedly created, detailing what the NSA claims are the results of an investigation into Russian election hacking based on new information received in April. The report is weak sauce – spend 5 minutes and read it… There is zero evidence of Russian hacking or influence – only a thinly supported narrative about an alleged spear phishing campaign and it’s potential victims.

On May 9th, four days later – Winner printed, removed, and snail mailed this top secret classified intel which offerings absolutely zero proof to support it’s claims to The Intercept.

May 30th – The Intercept contacts a ‘government agency’ to let them know about the documents mailed to them by the rogue NSA contractor.  The online magazine then proceeds to throw Winner under the bus by giving the NSA / FBI information which they used to easily identify her.

June 4th –  Suddenly retiring rising star family man) Jason Chaffetz says he wants to see leakers ‘in handcuffs.’

June 5th – The Intercept publishes a report ‘confirming’ Russia hacked the election.

An hour after The Intercept publishesthe FBI arrests Winner

Some observations:

  • It’s hard to believe the NSA hires contractors who would fail to properly vet and weed out a radicalized 25 year old political activist with Top Secret clearance who changed her name to ‘Reality’ and spouts aggressive rhetoric against a sitting President over social media.
  • Was Winner set up?
  • While it appears the Intercept totally fucked Winner over, given Glen Greenwald’s experience with the Snowden leaks they should be experts at operational security. For them to hand over identifying information to the NSA was either intentional or incompetence. A third option is that perhaps the US Government was able to successfully threaten The Intercept.
  • Could the report itself have been an internal psyop meant to ensure employee loyalty?

Let’s look at what Winner’s ‘leak’ accomplishes:

  • Shifts the ‘Russian Hacking’ narrative away from the alleged DNC server breach and the report by ‘tainted’ cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike. It allows the ‘deep state’ to maintain the assertion that Russia literally ‘meddled in the election’ with an actual hack via phishing scam.
  • The leak addresses the growing credibility problem with ‘anonymous sources.’
  • Conservatives are tearing Reality Winner apart; from her SJW online footprint to her tattoos to her autographed Anderson Cooper photo – the right is showing no mercy, and the MSM will likely spin this as the ‘hypocritical and abusive right denigrates Bernie Sanders supporting leaker.
  • Perhaps by design, Trump supporters may turning Winner a hero to the leftlegitimizing her leak in the process.
  • Seth who? Rising nationalism in response to terrorism where?

Furthermore, I’m sure the weak minded will be in a moral quandary once the MSM is done with this; to those on the right and the left, how does ‘evil’ (or hero) Reality Winner’s leak differ from ‘hero’ (or random victim) Seth Rich’s leaks?

For starters, Winner’s leak is the same brand of unverifiable horse shit we’re being asked to trust again vs. undisputed DKIM verified emails exposed by Wikileaks which revealed vast corruption. That doesn’t matter though – the leaks will likely be spun as equivalent by the MSM.

At the end of the day, Reality Winner just risked 10 years in prison for leaking documents which offer zero proof of Russian hacking.  


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  1. sarcrilege

    This is all about legitimizing the un-legitimizable. For those using a morsel of critical thinking, this was no different than crisp passports of Saudi goat fuckers on top of 9/11 rubble, original ID cards “lost” in cars of terrorists, etc. etc. This is so unsophisticated it’s pathetic. On the other hand, it has to be that way otherwise snowflakes would not understand it if it was too complicated.

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  2. chuck bennett


    Show me that. I vaguely remember something like that.


    Chuck bennett

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  3. mooby

    No, there is not a conspiracy behind every door in the govt.

    Yes, the govt hires idiots, the lazy, the ones that can’t make it in the private arena. The feel safe, untouchable, because that can’t be fired.

    This is why the govt is inefficient and slow to act. Don’t rock the boat, don’t change anything, that would mean work.

    Believe me, I’ve seen it all.

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