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[UPDATED] At Least 19 Dead, Hundreds Injured In Massive Explosions At UK Ariana Grande Concert

Correction: reported initially as 23 dead


  • At least one explosion (conflicting reports) at the Manchester arena during Ariana Grande concert.
  • 19 confirmed dead, at least 50 injured. At least 10 children reported to be among the dead.
  • Police treating as a terror incident
  • UK officials suspect suicide bomber
  • Islamic State suspected, Twitter videos claiming responsibility and threatening further attacks rolling in (update)
  • UPDATE – Twitter account posted about attack 5 hours before the attack
  • Explosion reportedly happened near ticket booth / foyer

At least 19 people are dead – 10 of them under 18 years old, and hundreds injured after massive explosions went off at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in UK’s Manchester Arena. There are also reports of another bomb found (unexploded) in the metro (see below).

UK’s guardian reports concertgoers heard loud bangs and what sounded like gunshots.

There were just a loud bang and a flash and everyone tried to scramble out. An alarm came on telling everyone to stay calm but leave as quickly as possible. –Jade Baynes, 18

Jade and her friend Jasmine Mia, 21, also from Hull, said there appeared to be some sort of commotion in the first tier of the arena, with a number of stewards stood around the seats.

Update: Mass Casualties Expected


Update2: Possible suspect

Update 3: Unexploded bomb reportedly found in metro

Police issue a statement

Injuries and chaos

Ambulances arrive

Bomb disposal arrives



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  1. ironbird

    Obviously the IRA or some pro Brexit group of racists. Now Britcuckistan can go back to sleep.

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  2. mooby

    Middle-aged, white, male NRA members at it again.
    After 9-11 George Bush called them the organization of peace, idiot.

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  3. James

    Why do these types events keep occuring even with Sadiq Khan as Mayor??

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  4. sarcrilege

    Looks like we’re getting to the point when we can safely say that a good muslim is a dead muslim.

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  5. wake up

    Stupidy rules, know one sees the truth behind these “lone wolf” attacks. All orchestrated to take more of our civil rights in the name of security. Wake up!

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