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Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Picked As Special Prosecutor In Russia Probe

Former FBI director and DOJ executive Robert Mueller has been named as special prosecutor in the ongoing FBI investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election:

Mueller, 72 was appointed as the sixth director of the FBI by George W. Bush a week before the 9/11 attacks until exactly 12 years later when James Comey took the job. So there’s that.

Rumor has it he’s bringing some big guns with him:

Mueller’s appointment

Acting AG Rod Rosenstein (who reportedly threatened to resign last week over his portrayal during the Comey firing), appointed Mueller without notifying the White House first:


Mueller’s appointment comes amidst chaos in the wake of James Comey’s dismissal, a scandal most recently updated with the existence of a ‘Comey Memo’ from February alleging that Trump asked the FBI director to kill the Flynn investigation (which had already ended in mid-January).


Suddenly retiring rising star family man Jason Chaffetz approves.

John McCain has backed off, rejecting calls to impeach:

And while earlier today, one GOP Rep. Justin Amash already suggested that if the FBI memo story is true, impeachment would be appropriate, in the clearest sign yet that Trump may be safe after all, the Washington Examiner reported that John McCain said that calls from congressional Democrats to impeach President Trump are not “rational” adding that “I don’t think very many people take that very seriously,” he said Wednesday. -ZeroHedge

The Washington Post couldn’t be happier

Rosenstein could not have picked a better choice. As a former FBI chief, Mueller knows precisely what to look for and how to conduct an exhaustive investigation. Rosenstein therefore will be lauded for stepping aside and deemed to have recovered his reputation, sullied by involvement in Comey’s firing. WaPo

A ZHer went quite deep in their analysis of Mueller

Some have pointed out issues with the Comey memo timeline

Trump has issued a statement reaffirming his innocence

And one day after Wolf Blitzer mentions impeachment, CNBC is talkin’ coup

Moving Forward

Mueller is clearly a deep state kinda guy, and Comey’s dismissal was a bold move against an establishment which may have thought they’d wrangled the President. If so, Mueller’s investigation is perhaps nothing more than leverage and political weaponry to ensure Trump tows the line.

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  1. sarcrilege

    As much as we like to simplify it, the deep state is not one uniform mass. The deep state is in fact composed of many competing factions. Where and which side of the deep state does Mueller fit and represent? That’s what’s important here; and for Trump. Ally or foe?

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