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Trump Trolls Comey With ‘Tapes’ Tweet, Dems Trip, Wikileaks Welcomes

President Trump fired off a tweet in the wee hours of Friday morning suggesting fired FBI Director James Comey better watch his mouth before ‘leaking to the press.’

The MSM immediately got to work construing Trump’s Nixonian tweet as a threat, which White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer dispelled during an afternoon briefing, adding “The President has nothing further to say on that.”

Some have suggested that Trump’s firing of Comey compares to Watergate, in which President Richard Nixon removed the special prosecutor investigating the scandal, and it was revealed that Nixon taped private conversations in the White House.


In response to Trump’s Tweet, congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) shot off a harshly worded letter to Trump’s attorney seeking answers about the suspected recording.


Wikileaks has offered to help with a tongue-in-cheek offer:

If tapes of Comey and Trump do exist, Trump needs to leak them pronto. Not only would they quash what remains of the Russia investigation, Ratings would be YUGE!

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  1. derp

    The Russians spend most of their defense budget painting over the rust.

    But somehow they’re this invincible bogeyman that manipulates the world so easily. Ah, the pleasures of retarded dichotomy brained political hack bullshitters.

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  2. agathon

    There are no tapes.
    But, it’s Friday and Trumpolini wanted some entertainment before the weekend…
    to watch Comey & the gov / media / shill shyteheads squirm and twist.

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  3. Cricket

    LOL. In the UK, May was appointed PM in July 2016. She dispatched the head of GCHQ (oh – he decided to retire for ‘personal reasons’) in January past – and appointed a new head shortly thereafter (Jeremy Fleming – not related to Ian). One of Fleming’s first actions was to visit his intelligence counterpart in the United States.

    This was, in my view, due to GCHQ’s activities attached to Trump’s election and associated alleged leaks to Obama, that were first denied, but later confirmed.

    Now most people in the UK don’t even know about this change and couldn’t care less.

    By comparison, the lefties in the US have become completely apoplectic over Comey’s dismissal. What a bunch of demented jokers.

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  4. agathon

    All are welcome to the Castle. The party’s just beginning …


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  5. heaterman

    ZP, do you have any way to verify this or is it FAKE NEWS?


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  6. zeropointnow

    That’s 100% fake news heaterman. If you google their CNN quotes they don’t appear in any official CNN release.

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