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McDonald’s Introduces French-Fry Holding Utensil To Sop Up Drippings, Self Respect

McDonald’s is helping consumers maximize caloric intake of their brand new sandwiches with the ‘Frork,’ a three pronged French fry holding quasi-utensil that’s sure to be a hit with those who just can’t bear the thought of leaving hamburger drippings behind after a feeding. The Frork resembles a fork – except there are fries where you might expect to find metal prongs!

To use, simply insert three hand crafted artisan French fries into the expertly molded Frork, and go to town…

McDonald’s has released an infomercial-esque video to help guide your purchasing decision:

“Will the Frork change your life? Probably not.”

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  1. aj

    Great, more plastic in the landfills

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