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Trump May Launch Preemptive Strike On N. Korea – Time To Buy WAR ETFs?

Let’s be clear; fucking around in the Middle East sandbox and regime changing out-of-pocket puppets is not cool – since most of those assholes pose no threat to the USA – plus I don’t want American kids dying for oil interests. But Kim Jong Un is a crazy fat kid with nukes. Think Korean Cartman… And he keeps lighting off atomic firecrackers, so it’s only a matter of time before he sends one into Long Beach harbor via container ship. “Har Har Har” he will say, with that stupid fucking fat face of his.

And today we learn that Korean Cartman may get lit the fuck up if he so much as tests another nuke.

So there you have it – the same day as the USA cock slapped an Afghani ISIS stronghold with our largest conventional bomb evar, we put Lil’ Kim on notice that he better not so much as think of fucking around with nukes. He trolled the world yesterday with a big emergency announcement that some “big event” about to happen – only to find out he was opening a new street in Pyongyang, so who knows what that crazy motherfucker will do. Maybe he’ll sneak up behind Trump and pop a paper bag? Who can know, he’s crazy!

You may be asking yourself “how can I profit from all the impending death and destruction if Kim gets regime changed?”

Wonder no more, for there are not one, not two – but THREE ETF’s to take advantage of population reduction if you’re not into buying individual defense stocks!

iShares US Aerospace & Defense $ITA

SPDR S&P Aerospace & Defense XAR (66.040.65%)

PowerShares Aerospace & Defense $PPA

The overlap between the three is fairly high, so pick your poison – just know that $ITA has the most assets, highest liquidity, and best YTD, 1 year, and 3 year total returns – and it’s already up 28% y/y. That said, it’s also oversold in Exodus, and it may rally on all the sabre rattling alone.

Just an idea for ya. While I can wrap my head around taking Kim out because of the legitimate threat he poses, I have to wonder if Trump will turn out to be the best thing for defense stocks since…. well, it’s been pretty fucking good for them since Jimmy Carter left office.

Dear 8 lb 6 oz tiny Jesus, in your golden-fleece diapers, with your tiny, little, fat, balled-up fists… we thank you so much for our unmatched military industrial complex and our glorious interventionist President who totally ran on that platform. I just want to take the time to say thank you for all the additional bombs we are about to drop on 3rd world countries – may they exterminate all who oppose the United States of America and their little dogs too.


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  1. sarcrilege

    This scenario is like Iraq in 2003, except it’s a much bigger fiasco. If Trump is humiliated by North Korea after he insists the situation is under control while North Korea continually defies him with one provocation after another until Trump convinces himself that regime change is the only viable option with the use of force, before you know it, Trump is involved in a major conflict and a crisis he can’t contain.

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  2. Josh

    I thought the pentagon said this was “fake news”? The preemptive strike thing….. Honestly it’s nearly impossible to know what is and isn’t anymore anyway. One test I’ve noticed, if the source is constantly rambling about fake news, it’s probably fake news as well.

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  3. ferd

    Seems the table is now set where it will be difficult either chubby’s fragile ego ..or the spray tan’s, to back down. Trump might have tried talking peace and prosperity for N Korea while quietly communicating the big stick through Chinese contacts.

    The people running the world are well aware that dictators maintain power, in part, by ginning up external threats …even more than do our democratic pols. So why do we continually act in a manner that props up both real and supposed bad actors?

    Separately, the many wars with the no threat ME countries are not about just oil for crysakes.

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  4. mushroomz

    lol at that last sentence.

    Of the top holdings in $ITA, I prefer blue chips $UTX and $RTN for their strong fundamentals. And they have a big dividend when compared to the etf. Hold both stocks for the long term and reinvest the divvies.

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  5. heaterman

    Mark my words… Korea is a distraction. The mideast is where the US military is building up as we speak.

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