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Tucker SHREDS “White Genocide” Professor Who Almost Vomited After 1st Class Passenger Gave Up Seat For Soldier

I haven’t seen a cucking this thorough since the night a binder-wielding Kurt Eichenwald was nearly killed by a post-Tucker tweet…

Last night, Tucker Carlson effortlessly savaged attention craving Drexel University “professor” George Ciccariello – who made headlines in December after calling for White Genocide over Twitter.

On Tuesday, Ciccariello once again made the news after expressing his disgust when a 1st class passenger gave up his seat to a uniformed soldier on an airplane. Rational minds on the internet did not take too kindly:

In his latest stunt, the “white genocide” advocate led a group of feeble-voiced children in a protest of writer Charles Murray on the grounds that he’s a racist. The next stop for the Drexel degenerate; out of his safe space and into the lion’s den…

A facially ticking Ciccariello tried his best to match forces with Carlson, who simply kept knocking him on his ass – over, and over, and over. It was absolutely brutal:

Nobody takes you seriously, I’m trying to take you seriously. You’re accusing this guy of racial demagoguery and you called for white genocide, you also applauded the Haitian revolution for killing whites – look those are your views! I’m not saying you shouldn’t be allowed to express them. I’m merely pointing out the irony that you’re trafficking in race hatred and yet saying that Charles Murray shouldn’t be allowed to speak because he trafficks in race hatred. Are you self aware enough to catch that?

Tucker then goes on to read one of Ciccariello’s screeds, concluding “It’s High School writing… it’s crap!”

(that wasn’t even the best part… just watch until you see Tucker use air quotes)

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  1. t.c.

    The heritability of IQ stuff is fascinating and should get a wider audience. Most of our policies, but especially education and immigration, assume that intelligence is not a heritable trait. While all the science and common experience says that it is. There is still a very small but very vocal group (mostly SJWs in the social sciences) who argue that the big differences in group IQ (Asians 105, Whites 100, Hispanics 90, Blacks 85) are 100% environmental – they represent about 17% of academics who work in this area. The majority of academics in this area, about 50%, (and usually these are from the hard sciences) support a the partial genetic theory of group IQ differences – where genetics control about 75% of the difference – ie smart people, in general, will have smarter kids than average.

    These facts are the liberal’s worst nightmare, because lefty ideology assumes that all people have equal potential. Hit them where it hurts, great post Zero!

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  2. sarcrilege

    I can picture this clown circa 1917 Russia, being part of the Lenin Jew bolshevik politburo planning and proceeding with the genocide of millions of native Russians. This is so fucking surreal. I always wonder who these bolsheviks were – monsters? No, turns out they were just hateful and indoctrinated individuals, like this POS Ciccariello. No doubt he is a zionist.

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  3. bushwacker2

    That “professor” is a twit. Just keeping it pithy.

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  4. Think

    So we’re all ok with military personnel–already trained on the taxpayer dime, with job preferences entrenched in fed law after their contracts end–being given even more preferences like first to board airlines and other perks? Remind me–haven’t we lost every war since Vietnam except for Granada and Panama?

    If the guy pulled someone out of a burning building, I’d give up my seat, but the uniform by itself means nothing except “I follow orders” and “I’m part of an organization that wasted trillions of dollars to take out Saddam without post-invasion rebuilding plans while China invested in Africa.”

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