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Napolitano Vindicated! Back On Fox News After Sidelined For Claiming Brits Spied On Trump

Nine days after Fox News benched Andrew “Judge” Napolitano for claiming former President Obama used British intelligence as a proxy to spy on Donald Trump and his team, an assertion cited by President Trump, the polished Italian pundit was back on the air – standing by his claim.

Bill Hemmer: ‘Judge, nice to see you. You’ve had a few quiet days. You put out a story about 10 days ago. You said you were confident in the story that you reported here um in the past month. Do you still stand by it?”

Judge Nap: “Yes, I do and the sources stand by it and the American public needs to know more about this rather than less because a lot of the government surveillance authorities will expire in the fall…

Hang on…

Cutting through the weeds, let’s look at this. Just nine days ago, Fox felt Napolitano had “gone wild” and was deemed too hot for TV (you’re welcome Napolitanophiles). Today he’s back, and Fox News host Bill Hemmer specifically asked about the wiretap claims – which Napolitano specifically reaffirmed. This wasn’t random banter; Fox News approved that entire exchange, which means an assessment of current events was taken and the claims either verified, or at minimum deemed credible enough for prime time.

What’s happened over the last nine days?

Bombshell revelations by the head of the House Intelligence Committee of Incidental surveillance, unmasking, and other legal verbiage which translates to “Trump was fucking spied on.

Freedom Watch issues letter to Devin Nunes claiming that the FBI sat on a massive pile of surveillance evidence for two years, wants him to ask FBI Director Comey WTF. Comey skips out on this week’s session.

Video from the beginning of March resurfaces of stupid doe-eyed Obama Admin leaker admitting to it, adding to the golden shower of suspicion surrounding the Obama administration.

Bob Woodward – Watergate guy, says this is some serious shit and Obama officials possibly facing criminal charges.

Former CIA intelligence officer Colonel Shaffer says he believes “this is much worse than Watergate.

CrowdStrike’s Russian hacking report starts to fall apart.

Skeletor over at the DNC cleaned house.

What did I forget?

In short, since Judge Napolitano made the British spying claim – the DNC has further unraveled and the Obama White House appears to have committed some serious crimes. Furthermore, Napolitano made clear that his source is “intact,” and that the American public needs to know how out of control government surveillance has become.

Game, Set, ???



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  1. dopefeller

    This is what happens when 4 year olds get internships.

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  2. sarcrilege

    And not only the MI6, but the CIA, NSA, etc. were spying too.
    Plus, what you forgot? That crooked Hitlery is still prancing around dressed in purple and not locked up. I am telling you, the Klinton/Soros clique is working with CIA to get rid of Trump.

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  3. ironbird

    Prepare for Game of Thrones. That was some weird shit. At the Super Bowl too.

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  4. infinitezuul

    This is what happens when a lifelong social agitator gets to abuse the office of the president for eight years.

    As an aside, how pissed are the globalists that they didn’t let Romney win in 2012. None of this would be happening and their game would be ongoing.

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